Short Story Saturday: Love of Italian Dragons: Poem of the Happy Dragon

Yes, this is another dragon story because they deserve better. Forget the cliche evil dragons and the cliche dragon shifters. I bring foreth, thy dragon shifters from space! This story gives more background to Ashuton(the Italian dragon)’s relationship with Narcissus (the black girl). The image of the dragon and the girl will help you grab a better picture of what I’m saying. Gabriel Aubrey is Continue reading “Short Story Saturday: Love of Italian Dragons: Poem of the Happy Dragon”

Short Story Saturday: Love of Italian Dragons: Poem of the Happy Dragon

Star Point Mansion

Two days ago I was reading a magazine while at checkout. I was hurting to get out of there because red day had struck. I was skimming through Black hair magazine (or was it Essence magazine?) and I saw an actress named Adaora Akubilo in an ad for Garnier Fruitics. Right then and there I said, “There’s my Mother Dragon!”

She is PERFECT for the role of Narcissus Karrucci, mother of a dragonet and lover of a dragon god! Now I know you think I’m crazy if I am looking for casting roles of people to play characters of the TSODR movie, but a movie is very much possible, and I want Adaora to play Narcissus. Now, I’m not looking solely on looks, but Adaora is the closest thing to Narcissus, besides myself (so I guess that’s saying Adaora looks like me?). Below are some pictures of her so you’ll…

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The Love of an Italian Dragon: Song of Italian Dragons Op. theme (Poetry Sunday)

Lyrics for the not-yet-made Opening theme for my Goodreads poetry-novel, The Love of an Italian Dragon. The video attached somewhat inpired the song. Here’s the link:

PLOT: Ashuton Karrucci, the God of Dragons, meets Narcissus Cartwright, and the result turns into an all-out racial war in Rome. In the other side of the story, the Karrucci family struggles in a war against the insect empire Lucerano.


Il Drago che anima

questo drago anima che anima


un drago che prega per i suoi dèi

questo drago che amo

si trova in pericolo tutti i giorni

Continue reading “The Love of an Italian Dragon: Song of Italian Dragons Op. theme (Poetry Sunday)”

The Love of an Italian Dragon: Song of Italian Dragons Op. theme (Poetry Sunday)

Kitty Kat Wants to sell moar drugs, she can’t go a day without dem.

Kitty Kat: I want to sell moar drugs, I want to buy moar drugs

3 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone

Tyler: Kitty, please don’t go. I don’t know what I’d do to myself if you left. I am sorry for what I said, and I don’t want you going to bed with that in your head.

3 hours ago via Facebook for Android

Kitty: I’ve left the house. My roommates won’t care. Everything I want, dare I say, is in that apartment, and with you nay I will stay. Goodbye.

3 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone

Tyler: kitty, please, I’m sorry!

3 hours ago via Facebook for Android

Alyssa: Kitty, come back. We are very sorry. We wanted you to be our friend, not end up on the tv show Maury!

3 hours ago

Jamie: she was on Maury?

3 hours ago

Kitty Kat: it feels great, like I never left. My drunken dream is the best euphoria I wished for. He knows what I want. He is giving me what I want and more. He’s giving me what you failed to give me, Tyler. Pleasure. White powder. Life.

2 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone

Jamie: LOL!! Kitty, are you serious? You’ve had no strife over here.

2 hours ago via Angry Birds Facebook Live plugin

Alissa: @Jamie: what is there to lol about? I’d rather see you stick a trout up your file mouth.

2 hours ago via Facebook-Twitter connect

Tyler: Kitty, I’m coming over there to get you and you WILL come with me.

2 hours ago via Facebook for Android

Mowry: Hahahaha! Tyler, don’t be silly. The ghetto is no place for a white boy like you. Sit back and enjoy your Xbox LIVE. It’s all you’re good at J

1 hour ago

Tyler: Mowry, now is not the time. You can call her ghetto, but I know that Continue reading “Kitty Kat Wants to sell moar drugs, she can’t go a day without dem.”

Kitty Kat Wants to sell moar drugs, she can’t go a day without dem.

Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve

Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve (Dragon’s Bed: After the Dream)


Lolita by melissaoka
Lolita by melissaoka


Only after did she realize she was human
Only after did she truly realize she wasn’t
Of all the things the girl knew, being human wasn’t one of them

She sat in the room and recollected memories
The end of the world was going on right outside her window Continue reading “Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve”

Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve

The Wanderers

English: Barrack Hill; approach to Barnsmore Gap
Image via Wikipedia

The Wanderers

Three children crawled through the muddy ditch

They went uphill and saw the farmhouse at the end of the field

Smiles bore upon their faces

Salvation at last!

They hoped to find food and working water within the domicile Continue reading “The Wanderers”

The Wanderers

Short Story Saturday: Jerry and Marie

Every Saturday I will be adding a flash fiction story from the book. This story, Jerry and Marie, comes from Sector 7 (Chapter 7) of The Society On Da Run book. This is a comedy story. Continue reading “Short Story Saturday: Jerry and Marie”

Short Story Saturday: Jerry and Marie

Rifton’s Last Moments

I’m a happy dragon, playin’ my Dragon lute! I’m a happy alien with my Dragon wings.

I’m a happy dragon, fishin’ with my clutchmate buddies! I’m a happy dragon, tearin’ your city up.


He sang that song every morning. He sang when he woke up and he sang until he closed his eyes to sleep. He was a dragon with a human side to himself. His name was Riffton and he was one of the many inhabitants of Tind. He was also the first to have his arms painfully severed, and his dragony essence stolen away by strange masked men with assault rifles. They looked scary; he could barely see their eyes. He kissed the grass as his life was sucked out of him. He felt he didn’t care anymore. He could not open his mouth to sing, the pain stifled his voice. His torn and dirtied shirt was slowly colored red and green by his own blood. He bled both ways; human and dragon. He looked up one last time and saw the barrel of an assault rifle and the masked wielder. He’ll never forget that face…if he lives to have anything forgotten.

The words he said to them: “Dragons bleed green blood”

was unforgettable.

Rifton’s Last Moments

The Sacrifice of Tind: Part A

The Sacrifice of Tind


LINER NOTES: This came a few weeks after Glances, and there are two sides to this story: 1) the overall event and 2) Ashuton’s side of the story.  Only one of these events is true. The Reaping of 2012 was a war that the Antonin Empire participated in, and it has sullied the reputation of Antonin, branding the dragons with the names “Passive Lizards” and “Humanitarian animals.” They were no longer viewed as an empire, they were seen as “overly nice” and “too giving.” Lucerano used this to their advantage, and since then political parties, other ruling powers and rich folks have used the Antonin dragons to their benefits, taking advantage of their “niceness.”


The Ancient Keeper by VampirePrincess007
The Ancient Keeper by VampirePrincess007

Those whom clung to the wings were the true warriors. Before the war had started, President O’Shelly had declared a mass assassination of all the dragon-shifters in the Tind area. Continue reading “The Sacrifice of Tind: Part A”

The Sacrifice of Tind: Part A

Dragon’s War: Part Four: Reverie


Everyone escaped underground

Children were cold, dirtied and cuddled by their mothers for comfort

And pets had their mouths taped to keep them quiet

During feeding time they would be untapped

And if your pet was too loud it had to be silenced or set free

People were mislead into believing dragons would kill them

They hadn’t a clue dragons only wanted to move them inside the picturesque towers

David was lucky to be alive

But he wanted to kill himself because his mother, father, daughter and wife died

They died by the false hands of a Crotonian

Their dragon tried to protect them…love them…


But David saved a girl from being slaughtered

So that had to count for something.

They escaped to these underground caverns in search of new life

Feeding off dead animals and mutated beings, life there wasn’t as bad as it could be

The radiation from above ground caused cancer in most of the children

The radiation came from factories and nuclear plants that had been destroyed in the war

The Earth would have been inhospitable if the Dragons hadn’t cleaned up the radiation

If you listen closely, you can hear the low hum of the radiation dispensors


Tuesday morning was when everything changed

David and other townsfolk woke up to the sound of engines

He rushed out of his shabby living quarters, the girl running with him, and went out past town limits to investigate the sound


He saw a bright light coming from the end of the tunnel

And in it’s wake he saw a dragon-manned vehicle coming his way

The little girl held tight to him,

Fearful and afraid

She looked up and saw the ground above them lift up

Staring back at her was the face of a Dragon god

The creature unleashed his deafening roar at the town and his bipedal dragon soldiers jumped in to capture the little colony of people.

They were surrounded

People were screaming

The commander, a black Wyvern, stepped into the crowd

With a young biped soldier walking beside him


“The lies they have told you about us are moot!” said the youngest dragon, translating his commander’s words, “you must come to your new home, with us!”

“New home?” asked one of the townspeople.

Leslie tightened her grip,

David gulped, his heart pounding

The Wyvern blew a breath of light fire, warming the chilling air.

“Yes, your loved ones are with us inside the towers,” said the soldier, “come to your new home.”

The soldiers lowered their weapons

And the Wyvern led them


He led them into a storm drain

And that storm drain was famous for being the entryway into Unforgivingness

That was the new name for the world the Dragons’ claimed

They walked, silently


They were blind to the real truth

Listening to false rumors kept them afraid

When they reached the end of the tunnel they saw firsthand the devastation of the world

But there was no devestation

It was wonderland

Forests, bright green and vast

Lakes, fresh and clean,

And inside of it were the ruins of an old civilization

And above it all was a tower, tall and wide

So alien, sleek, pristine

With green coursing through the visible tubes on the structures

Rumors were floating around, saying awful things about dragons and about the earth’s condition

Those rumors were false lies


David’s iPhone radio started to kick in without warning

“The dragon ships appeared over Earth last year. Only a small percentage of the world was destroyed. Rumors said earth was a wasteland, but it looks like they were wrong. All of our communication devices had been cut off until now. It seems the creatures have restored our power.”

That broadcast was a bit refreshing to him

“Where do we go now?” asked the girl.

“To town. We’ll go to town,” said the Wyvern, speaking his first English words.


“The president and vice president are being held captive. The Antonin royal family said they have no comment on the events. Many speculate the reason for the worldwide outage was because the dragons want the rest of the world to be surprised when things were restored.”


David, Leslie, the Wyvern, his convoy and the townspeople walked through desolate streets

Newspapers were scattered about, cars were smoking or were on fire, houses were abandoned and ghostly as ever, but things were teeming with wild life.

As they walked by each electronics store, televisions and radios would suddenly shut on and broadcast the local news.


“World leaders are meeting with the Draconizica Council in Washington to talk about the “Abando Torture” act. As we heard from our sources, the council is made up of several different alien leaders and different species of dragons.”

 Leslie’s eyes suddenly went wide and she shouted, “LOOK!”




This poem was created MUCH later than the others…I think. I always wanted to write about an underground society. This and my story “The Colorado City underground” were my attempts at it. The ending is left to interpretation. More tomorrow, this night’s quota is filled. The ending of this poem-story was inspired by the ending of Infestation, my favorite bug invasion film.

Dragon’s War: Part Four: Reverie

Dragon’s War: Part Three: Glances

The start of the war was traced back to its roots, to a time when the Juice Trade dominated the world’s black market. Human-dragons, known as Shifters, were captured and sometimes murdered for the sweet juice they produce. Madison Grey, an imported detective from Rome’s bureau, went undercover and witnessed the cruelty Continue reading “Dragon’s War: Part Three: Glances”

Dragon’s War: Part Three: Glances

Dragon’s War: Part Two: Cornered

The girl ran out of the alleyways and continued down the cluttered streets

Running past everything that were fighting the dragons

The remnants of the US Military launched an assault on Continue reading “Dragon’s War: Part Two: Cornered”

Dragon’s War: Part Two: Cornered

Dragon’s War: Part One

Dragon’s War Part 1: Overture


Years into the future… (year 2031)

The winged friends of humanity were rejoicing tonight. In Italy, the setting sun gave way to an orange sky. Society had stopped for a moment to listen as the Emperor’s son addressed the world. Computers were hijacked, television and radio shows were interrupted, mobile devices replayed the message, and we, the audience, were forced to listen as an important day in Dragon history was made.

I have seen how far your corruption spreads. You think we don’t have feelings and that we’re just animals…

People couldn’t confine to their social networks to converse about this. Some people were becoming fearful. Not even those in their car could escape the message, even if they turned their power off.

You use us like cattle, you kill us and steal our precious resources…

Emperor Aaron couldn’t stop his ardent son from creating the biggest event that could throw him out of power. He gritted his teeth as his son delivered a message of “hope” to his dragons.

We are much more advanced than you think. It was the mistake of my father for keeping our secret buried as you murdered us. We will NOT take the damage from you anymore. My dragons will NOT succumb to your sickening experiments, torture and slavery. We are free people and I will make sure we extract our vengeance upon you and show you who we really are!

When he spoke the part about free people, his voice became loud with anger and hope. Aaron held Seraphina’s hand and kissed her on the cheek to ensure her worries, for their son had become a psycho. To rage war on a race is a sure sign of a dragon’s mind breaking from torture.

I, Prince Ashuton Karrucci, God of Dragons, will declare war upon humanity! When I feel you have been crippled enough, I will see if you deserve a reprieve.

This was the part where some of the Dragons started rejoicing. The human-dragon shifters quickly changed into their dragon forms and capturing people in the streets. The regular dragons were doing much more damage. People were found dead or stunned in their homes. Whole families were butchered like, well, cattle. Some people had saddles strapped to their backs with the quotes “we are not pets” burned on the walls. When power was restored, the social networking sites blew up in a storm of concerned posts and tweets. When the military stepped in, things became worse. The media branded these events as the “Awakening of Dragons.” People said Antonin was doing nothing to call off the rabid faction of Dragons, to stop them from venting their anger, but Antonin supporters said the rebellion was necessary and was “coming sooner than later.”

After thirty minutes of screaming and running, there was a loud siren that was heard all around the planet. Thousands of people were witnesses to the dragons’ true power. From the skies came warships, not the UFO types that the Greys had. These warships were made for brutal wars. It was September 23rd when the ships appeared by the millions with flying Dragons beside them. In San Francisco, the location of a hidden Dragonshrine, a large life form had slithered up from the water. Its scream was deep and guttural; its face was old and ancient. It opened its mouth, letting out a deafening roar. He is Serpentrust, the Dragon of the sea. He dwells in the lava of the Earth until he is called to assist. The dragons put a “life mindset” into him, so His purpose in life is to break the Earth and recreate it anew. He coiled, lifting his great tail. The water slid and splashed back whence it came when he pounded the bridge, sending cars flying. Medium sized dragons flew by and caught the cars with their talons before they hit the icy waters. Their new orders were not to kill, but to capture.

The media world was up in a buzz. Serpentrust’s attack was the headline on every newspaper and on every news station. Breaking news broadcasts had interrupted television shows to inform the world about the event, taking things out of proportion with crazy and misleading headlines.


Terrible Aliens Attack: Death toll estimated to be 500 with 2 million minor injuries.


Giant snake destroys San Francisco!


Are the Dragons really Aliens?


Have we been living amongst the third kind?



Are we in for a time-out from Mommy?


After Serpentrust’s opening, then came the initial attack. Pods were deployed from cruiser-ships manned by human-dragon shifters, and these pods contained Dragon hybrids. These hybrids are bipedal and a few have wings on their back. The ones with wings wore specially made armor and were positioned in the back of the army. Newmark City’s military base was of great importance to Ashuton Karrucci. Inside it was his most precious dragonling: a brown King Dragon with little white spots. His color and his genetics were a rarity amongst dragonkind. The soldiers had no clue what they were up against when the troops appeared. Their weapons were superior, their armor was superior, and everything about them screamed ALIENS. Their armor was resistant to the petty bullets that sprung from human weapons at high firerates. No weapon that the soldiers wielded could pierce it. Some of the ground troops moved slowly because of the armor, but they had aid from the medium-sized Dragons in the skies. There were other cities that were less fortunate than Newmark, like Paris. The Dragons came in mass numbers. They doused a breath of fire to houses, streets, and anything that wanted to put up a fight. Everyone had been captured; there was a dragon for every person. Capture, not kill. Capture…do not kill. It was their moral code to never kill. Armed forces of the human military fought back, as did regular people whom were armed with cans and axes. The death toll was high for both sides, reaching five hundred, but it was not over.

After all the Earth capital cities were under Dragon control, the creatures decided to take the rest of the world with their “Father,” and restore the Earth’s beauty, starting with Chicago, the last human resistance stronghold. Going underground was not a safe option. The dragons that lurked there were either rejected by society or fed off of loneliness.

The ground shook, and the earth beneath it tore open, and the dragon father had risen into the sky. People were in awe and felt all hope drain away. Everything came to a standstill as this shadow made of billions of dragons had appeared over the city. By looking at the dragon’s face one could tell it was wider than the largest city. This event was called “The Mosaic,” and the black dragon over the city was called The Vessel. The dragon was famous in fabled tales, myths and long-drawn out legends. They all had the same point: when he appeared, all hell would break loose, and it did. The dragons burst out of his formation like a swarm of locusts. We did not stand a chance when the creatures struck by the billions, capturing all their claws could catch. Capture…not kill.

The skies were red with fury as the dragons, alongside their airships, scorched the city. The swarm died down in an hour, when all the humans in Chicago were captured like bugs. So now work can begin on restoring Earth.

They were shackled and bound as they marched in line to their new homes: vast towers that were being constructed for the human populous. Seven days later, the dragons began to build a fortress to accommodate their father. Even then people were still in disbelief that Dragons had constructed superior technology.

The “anthromorphic” dragon soldiers and their flying counterparts kept the humans in concentration camps and did not release them until the Fortress was half-constructed. People were forced to walk in a line down Michigan Avenue, and could not stop until they reached the fortress at the center of the city. As they walked, a young mother was able to free her little girl. The soldiers noticed and saw the little girl run off into the dark, cold alleyways. Ten soldiers followed after, hoping not to lose their catch. To them, every human life was valuable.



Author Notes

This was the whole basis of Dragons & Cicadas (well, not the whole basis, probably some of it). This poem and the three poems that connect with it went through so many revisions over the years! The first version was just a short poem, hardly any detail at all! A bunch of revisions later, it’s a flash story that gives a wide view of the first invasion. This was probably inspired by the concept of an alien invasion. I didn’t want to paint my dragons so negatively but I wanted to make them epic! I wanted to give them an epic saga! This story played as a movie in my head, and most of the time I had Rekka Katakiri’s song (the one in the beginning) playing. It fits perfectly.

Now, let’s get a few things straight about Draconizica (I posted this in reply to a post on a website, just thought I’d post it in this book for you, the reader, to understand):

These dragons aren’t evil overlords nor are they merciless. I paint them this way in the first 3 stories that explain their war with humanity. Not every Draconizican is some evil beast. They were tortured, tarnished, ravaged by humanity’s wrongdoing towards them. In most dragon stories out there in the media, dragons are seen as merciless killers that kill for NO REASON. In here, they have reason for taking earth back. They want to restore Earth to it’s original glory. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a war because all they did was capture people, got into a few battles and built towers over cities to restore Earth to it’s original state. You’ll read more about that later on.



Yes, this story went fast, but do not worry, there are other stories that will concentrate on this event and show  the impact of the pain the dragons were feeling and how the attack impacted humanity. If you’ve read the original series, you’ll know what’s coming next. Top image is Wrath of the Dragon by VampirePrincess007

Song to listen to when reading this chapter:

Dragon’s War: Part One