Short Story Saturday: Love of Italian Dragons: Poem of the Happy Dragon

Yes, this is another dragon story because they deserve better. Forget the cliche evil dragons and the cliche dragon shifters. I bring foreth, thy dragon shifters from space! This story gives more background to Ashuton(the Italian dragon)'s relationship with Narcissus (the black girl). The image of the dragon and the girl will help you grab… Continue reading Short Story Saturday: Love of Italian Dragons: Poem of the Happy Dragon


Star Point Mansion

Two days ago I was reading a magazine while at checkout. I was hurting to get out of there because red day had struck. I was skimming through Black hair magazine (or was it Essence magazine?) and I saw an actress named Adaora Akubilo in an ad for Garnier Fruitics. Right then and there I said, “There’s my Mother Dragon!”

She is PERFECT for the role of Narcissus Karrucci, mother of a dragonet and lover of a dragon god! Now I know you think I’m crazy if I am looking for casting roles of people to play characters of the TSODR movie, but a movie is very much possible, and I want Adaora to play Narcissus. Now, I’m not looking solely on looks, but Adaora is the closest thing to Narcissus, besides myself (so I guess that’s saying Adaora looks like me?). Below are some pictures of her so you’ll…

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The Love of an Italian Dragon: Song of Italian Dragons Op. theme (Poetry Sunday)

Lyrics for the not-yet-made Opening theme for my Goodreads poetry-novel, The Love of an Italian Dragon. The video attached somewhat inpired the song. Here's the link: PLOT: Ashuton Karrucci, the God of Dragons, meets Narcissus Cartwright, and the result turns into an all-out racial war in Rome. In the other side of the story, the… Continue reading The Love of an Italian Dragon: Song of Italian Dragons Op. theme (Poetry Sunday)

Kitty Kat Wants to sell moar drugs, she can’t go a day without dem.

Kitty Kat: I want to sell moar drugs, I want to buy moar drugs 3 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone Tyler: Kitty, please don’t go. I don’t know what I’d do to myself if you left. I am sorry for what I said, and I don’t want you going to bed with that in… Continue reading Kitty Kat Wants to sell moar drugs, she can’t go a day without dem.


Klea said:   Cry, little girl! Cry! For when the winds pass by, your laptop will be nothing! Cry, little boy, Cry! The hard-earned gold you spent on that Xbox will be burned away in seconds. Cry, you little boy! Cry! For in minutes, your beloved city will be wiped away Mourn as your years… Continue reading Cry

Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve

Lolita by melissaoka

Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve (Dragon's Bed: After the Dream)     Only after did she realize she was human Only after did she truly realize she wasn’t Of all the things the girl knew, being human wasn’t one of them She sat in the room and recollected memories The end of the world was going… Continue reading Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve

Short Story Saturday: Jerry and Marie

Every Saturday I will be adding a flash fiction story from the book. This story, Jerry and Marie, comes from Sector 7 (Chapter 7) of The Society On Da Run book. This is a comedy story. _____________________________________________________________ Jerry & Marie Fell off a Tree ____________________________________________________________ I didn’t get away with it. But I wish I… Continue reading Short Story Saturday: Jerry and Marie

The Sacrifice of Tind: Part A

The Ancient Keeper by VampirePrincess007

A few weeks after the Juice Trade was unveiled, government officials tried their hardest to keep their last remaining source of Dragon Juice alive: the sleepy town of Tind. A recent event made the town crumble, and the residents paid the ultimate price.

Dragon’s War: Part Four: Reverie


Everyone escaped underground Children were cold, dirtied and cuddled by their mothers for comfort And pets had their mouths taped to keep them quiet During feeding time they would be untapped And if your pet was too loud it had to be silenced or set free People were mislead into believing dragons would kill them… Continue reading Dragon’s War: Part Four: Reverie

Dragon’s War: Part Three: Glances

Ashuton Karrucci is the witness to the world wide Juice Trade. His precious children are harvested like cattle and the juices they produce are used for the black market. This is the first in a series of events that send him over the edge....

Dragon’s War: Part Two: Cornered

The girl ran out of the alleyways and continued down the cluttered streets Running past everything that were fighting the dragons The remnants of the US Military launched an assault on the dragon platoon that was forcing civilians to walk down Michigan Avenue Soldiers, downed helicopters, rotting bodies, and dead lizards, everything was happening She… Continue reading Dragon’s War: Part Two: Cornered

Dragon’s War: Part One

The Dragons want to end their suffering, and their God hears them. From the sky, dropships touch down upon the Earth to deliver the messages of war.