Dragon’s War: Part Four: Reverie


Everyone escaped underground

Children were cold, dirtied and cuddled by their mothers for comfort

And pets had their mouths taped to keep them quiet

During feeding time they would be untapped

And if your pet was too loud it had to be silenced or set free

People were mislead into believing dragons would kill them

They hadn’t a clue dragons only wanted to move them inside the picturesque towers

David was lucky to be alive

But he wanted to kill himself because his mother, father, daughter and wife died

They died by the false hands of a Crotonian

Their dragon tried to protect them…love them…


But David saved a girl from being slaughtered

So that had to count for something.

They escaped to these underground caverns in search of new life

Feeding off dead animals and mutated beings, life there wasn’t as bad as it could be

The radiation from above ground caused cancer in most of the children

The radiation came from factories and nuclear plants that had been destroyed in the war

The Earth would have been inhospitable if the Dragons hadn’t cleaned up the radiation

If you listen closely, you can hear the low hum of the radiation dispensors


Tuesday morning was when everything changed

David and other townsfolk woke up to the sound of engines

He rushed out of his shabby living quarters, the girl running with him, and went out past town limits to investigate the sound


He saw a bright light coming from the end of the tunnel

And in it’s wake he saw a dragon-manned vehicle coming his way

The little girl held tight to him,

Fearful and afraid

She looked up and saw the ground above them lift up

Staring back at her was the face of a Dragon god

The creature unleashed his deafening roar at the town and his bipedal dragon soldiers jumped in to capture the little colony of people.

They were surrounded

People were screaming

The commander, a black Wyvern, stepped into the crowd

With a young biped soldier walking beside him


“The lies they have told you about us are moot!” said the youngest dragon, translating his commander’s words, “you must come to your new home, with us!”

“New home?” asked one of the townspeople.

Leslie tightened her grip,

David gulped, his heart pounding

The Wyvern blew a breath of light fire, warming the chilling air.

“Yes, your loved ones are with us inside the towers,” said the soldier, “come to your new home.”

The soldiers lowered their weapons

And the Wyvern led them


He led them into a storm drain

And that storm drain was famous for being the entryway into Unforgivingness

That was the new name for the world the Dragons’ claimed

They walked, silently


They were blind to the real truth

Listening to false rumors kept them afraid

When they reached the end of the tunnel they saw firsthand the devastation of the world

But there was no devestation

It was wonderland

Forests, bright green and vast

Lakes, fresh and clean,

And inside of it were the ruins of an old civilization

And above it all was a tower, tall and wide

So alien, sleek, pristine

With green coursing through the visible tubes on the structures

Rumors were floating around, saying awful things about dragons and about the earth’s condition

Those rumors were false lies


David’s iPhone radio started to kick in without warning

“The dragon ships appeared over Earth last year. Only a small percentage of the world was destroyed. Rumors said earth was a wasteland, but it looks like they were wrong. All of our communication devices had been cut off until now. It seems the creatures have restored our power.”

That broadcast was a bit refreshing to him

“Where do we go now?” asked the girl.

“To town. We’ll go to town,” said the Wyvern, speaking his first English words.


“The president and vice president are being held captive. The Antonin royal family said they have no comment on the events. Many speculate the reason for the worldwide outage was because the dragons want the rest of the world to be surprised when things were restored.”


David, Leslie, the Wyvern, his convoy and the townspeople walked through desolate streets

Newspapers were scattered about, cars were smoking or were on fire, houses were abandoned and ghostly as ever, but things were teeming with wild life.

As they walked by each electronics store, televisions and radios would suddenly shut on and broadcast the local news.


“World leaders are meeting with the Draconizica Council in Washington to talk about the “Abando Torture” act. As we heard from our sources, the council is made up of several different alien leaders and different species of dragons.”

 Leslie’s eyes suddenly went wide and she shouted, “LOOK!”




This poem was created MUCH later than the others…I think. I always wanted to write about an underground society. This and my story “The Colorado City underground” were my attempts at it. The ending is left to interpretation. More tomorrow, this night’s quota is filled. The ending of this poem-story was inspired by the ending of Infestation, my favorite bug invasion film.


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