Dragon’s War: Part Three: Glances

The start of the war was traced back to its roots, to a time when the Juice Trade dominated the world’s black market. Human-dragons, known as Shifters, were captured and sometimes murdered for the sweet juice they produce. Madison Grey, an imported detective from Rome’s bureau, went undercover and witnessed the cruelty first hand. She posed as a worker to gain access into one of the Juice factories. She met the Boss in his office at his request. He was like the typical fat boss: he smoked a cigar, worse a suit that barley fits, and had a graying moustache on his face. His name, Heigsen, suggested he was German. The first thing he asked was, “who are you?”

“I’m Shell Wanderban,” She lied, “I am a transfer from Ambvil Co. What’s my first task at hand, sir?”

“You report to Wendell down in B-Sector for your tasks.” Said Heigsen.

   He went to his desk and skimmed his hand along the ridged edges of a porcelain dragon statue.

“These creatures have been hiding things from us.” He said. His eyes were entranced by the magnificent statue.

“Like what?” asked Shell (Madison).

“Their bodies produce such amazing materials. The Juice, as they call it, is a real money maker. You can do a lot with it. Make your own drugs, make your own makeup, put it in food, keep ‘em coming for more, keep ‘em spending.”

     Shell was starting to feel concerned, “Sir?”

     The gritty old man took his eyes of the statue and coughed, “Go, go. Go see Wendell. I have no use for you right now.”

Shell complied and bowed before leaving. She always bowed, like how her Mother used to do.

     Down in B-sector, there was tons of chaos, especially from loud voices. Human-dragons were forced in orderly lines. They were escorted to operating rooms, and without anesthesia they were cut open. Ashuton had taken the form of a little boy, and when he was captured he saw the process of dehumanization. Guards had forced the dragon-humans into tubs where they were cleaned—Everywhere—even secretive places! Then they were forced onto strange toilets. Guards and scientists watched eagerly. Some of the captives were forced to drink gallons of water to flush out the juice.

Once the juice was excreted the captives were useless. The scientists examined the orange-colored juice for bacteria. One scientist had found large amounts in the canister. God forbid if it belongs to Ashuton…and it did. This forced the guards to drug him with a syringe. He felt like he was swimming in the sea, then he blacked out. A bacterial-killing medicine was injected inside him, but his body rejected it. It hated every drop of the medicated liquid. And the boy was forced into quarantine. Shell had the pleasure of meeting Ashuton when the escort came through B-Sector. She was surprised to see a child his age walking through there, but she hadn’t a clue he was not a child. She walked over to him and spoke, “hello, little one.”

“Hi.” He responded quietly.

“What’s wrong?” she asked innocently.

Something in him clicked, “What’s wrong? You see nothing wrong about this?”

Shell leaned in closer to him, “I know this is very wrong but—”

“But nothing!” he shouted, “you will all pay for killing my children. We’ve done nothing to you! But for years I sat back and watched as your race became more malignant towards us, and no more will I let further harm come to my family!”

Shell walked away from him and saw his eyes glow bright green. A security escort soldier wearing a gas mask came and pushed the boy along.

“Keep going, we don’t have all day.”

Shell watched the boy until he was out of sight.

Those eye colors…she studied enough of Dragonism to know about those eyes.

She thought with glee, “I’ve met him…I met the dragon god! 

She had to get out of there and report back to her directors.

Th elvator shaft would make a perfect escape route


During the escort Ashuton saw a little black dragon that wore a spiked dog collar. Three men were pulling the creature by it’s leash and forced it to eject juice from it’s fangs. Once used up, they slaughtered the dragon, it’s neck was cut off and it’s body was thrown onto a pile of other dead and rotting dragon bodies, which the savage or hungry surviving dragons fed off. The juice was packaged in boxes and is shipped off to supermarkets and is also given to companies and they throw it into food at restaurant and fast food chains. The juice was a real-time moneymaker.

     During his containment, Ashuton bonded with an old man. He talked about the savage process and said it can be done another way without killing innocent dragons. The old man told Ashuton of his life and Ashuton listened intently as the man described his daughter. But the man was later hung for being ‘extinct’ (a term meaning ‘out of juice’).

Ashuton was given one chance to leave, but at a price

They gave him a head start to run across the field

And when he was far enough they targeted him with their sniper rifles

And just one shot caused the boy to die in the middle of the field

Just a few steps from salvation

The Warden kicked the kid in the stomach and there was no response, so The Warden assumed the boy was dead as he walked away quietly

But there was a tug at his leg and the Warden looked down

The child was staring him cold in the eyes

That piercing stare was all the Warden could remember as he fell dead from a fatal heart attack

The guards saw the boy run off into the woods

And they ran after him in confusion

But Ashuton had escaped into the dead of night


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