Dragon’s War: Part Two: Cornered

The girl ran out of the alleyways and continued down the cluttered streets

Running past everything that were fighting the dragons

The remnants of the US Military launched an assault on the dragon platoon that was forcing civilians to walk down Michigan Avenue

Soldiers, downed helicopters, rotting bodies, and dead lizards, everything was happening

She avoided gunfire and covered her ears at the sound of explosions

She held her teddy bear tight as she dove for another alleyway

She stopped

Everything was still

She walked quietly as her shadow grew big on the wall

Flames of fire licked the air violently

And hisses of birds had caused her to pause

She looked around anxiously

Her heart anticipated seeing the dragons

The hisses grew louder

She ran to a corner and gazed at the wall before her

There was no way to escape. The concrete was too high!

Their shadows were taller and closer

The girl whimpered as they came into view

The alien soldiers walked on two feet

And wore masks to conceal their faces

Like phantoms

There is no sweet ending for the little girl

There is no mercy


Proceed to part three: https://dragonshortstories.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/dragons-war-part-three-glances/


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