Rifton’s Last Moments

I’m a happy dragon, playin’ my Dragon lute! I’m a happy alien with my Dragon wings.

I’m a happy dragon, fishin’ with my clutchmate buddies! I’m a happy dragon, tearin’ your city up.


He sang that song every morning. He sang when he woke up and he sang until he closed his eyes to sleep. He was a dragon with a human side to himself. His name was Riffton and he was one of the many inhabitants of Tind. He was also the first to have his arms painfully severed, and his dragony essence stolen away by strange masked men with assault rifles. They looked scary; he could barely see their eyes. He kissed the grass as his life was sucked out of him. He felt he didn’t care anymore. He could not open his mouth to sing, the pain stifled his voice. His torn and dirtied shirt was slowly colored red and green by his own blood. He bled both ways; human and dragon. He looked up one last time and saw the barrel of an assault rifle and the masked wielder. He’ll never forget that face…if he lives to have anything forgotten.

The words he said to them: “Dragons bleed green blood”

was unforgettable.


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