Short Story Saturday: Jerry and Marie

Every Saturday I will be adding a flash fiction story from the book. This story, Jerry and Marie, comes from Sector 7 (Chapter 7) of The Society On Da Run book. This is a comedy story.


Jerry & Marie

Fell off a Tree


I didn’t get away with it. But I wish I did.

Jerry stole my girlfriend, Marie.

I saw them at the dragon pub in Dublin, makin’ lovey dovey faces and drinking Dragonish Wine.

If I didn’t have the help of the television show I would’ve never known.

I would have kept falling for those silly ploys of her’s.

Those shabby smiles, and all in all I wouldn’t know she was already with him every night…

My so-called friend.


Her lower half stinks and smells like rotten fish now.

And I bet inside it’s repulsive!

That damn whore!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, he’s half as messed up as she is.

I took them to the forest, promised them a camping trip

They were so gullible when they followed

I even caught them holding hands, walking slowly, while I walked in front

And kept my head low

“Here we are!” I said.

“Mack, where are we exactly?” asked skanky ol’ Marie.

“You really are a skank, you know that right?” I said with my arms crossed.

“What?” she looked surprised. Good, now hang yourself. Fling yourself.

“You think I didn’t know? You were with him every night. You stinky brat!” I shouted.

“That’s not true!” said Jerry, coming to her defense. Why defend her? Probably because he’s getting it every night.

“I have evidence!” I shouted.

I showed them the evidence, of those two all nekkid and enjoying themselves. Such backstabbers!

Jerry shook his head, and she pulled out the old defense.

“You never gave me what I wanted! You were too busy with yourself!”

waah waaahh shut up! Jeez, do you know when to woman up and admit you cheated?

“you didn’t give me any attention I felt deserted! Jerry filled in that void!”

Is that bitch still talking? D’uh of course she is. She’s talking about attention, right? They all say that. When they play around and have a good man (a good man like me) they bring out the attention problems. I gave her plenty of attention. I even quit my daytime job to give her “atteeentttiooonnn.” STFU!

“Mack, I didn’t mean to hurt you! she came to me and…and…she was crying because you two had an argument and…”

Here he goes: not taking responsibility that he banged the mess out of her and said “THIS WAS THE BEST SEX EVER!!” You moron. You’re just as guilty as her. I guess she gave you clamidiya now.

“You’re both guilty.”

I stepped aside to unveil two hang-yourself holes, two service ladders and a beautiful tree to service them. I could hear that song by Blink 42 playing in my head, “What’s My Age Again?”

I feel like I’m fourteen when really I’m fresh into twenty. At the college graduation we all had our share of drinks and sexuality. I guess it was my fault, because I let Jerry and Marie have at it in a threesome. Who cares? They betrayed me without warning! I pulled out a gun and said, “you two act like lovers, you will die like lovers.”

Marie was beautiful that night. The prettiest brunette out of all the girls. Cute, small face, little eyes, little height, just too cute! But now she grew into a stinky lady. A very stinky lady! And I don’t want her no more. It breaks my heart to know how they betrayed me.

Being threatened at gunpoint, they walked to the tree. They did just what I wanted them to do, and no one will know of their nasty betrayal.


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