The Wanderers

English: Barrack Hill; approach to Barnsmore Gap
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The Wanderers

Three children crawled through the muddy ditch

They went uphill and saw the farmhouse at the end of the field

Smiles bore upon their faces

Salvation at last!

They hoped to find food and working water within the domicile


They heard the loud scream of airships soaring overhead

They dropped payloads of bombs into the field

And the little children stopped as they saw the non-human enemies

Spring up out of the fire


“There goes our luck.” Said the German boy, Ruth.

“Why did they do that?” asked the Jamaican boy, Levin.

“The enemy was inside!” said the French girl, Channel.


The children continued past the house

Levin saw a flamed creature crawl out, screaming in pain

The children lived in a small shed in the forest

They discovered writings on the wall that others had left


The world has gone to ashes. They can see us. The Government is dead.

Whatever happened to independence?


The food and water rations were low

And then it dropped to nothing

Ruth took it upon himself to find food


“no, Ruth! Don’t go!” Channel pleaded.

“I have to. We’ll die.” He said.


Channel grabbed his hand, but he shook her off

And he made his exit outside the shed door

The world was strange now

He stood atop the hill and ruefully gazed down at the burned city

It was all ruins now

So he made his descent to the only place he knew had food

The supermarket was downed but still held it’s food


The boy checked trashcans, cars and storefront windows

As he rummaged through the trash, alien eyes feasted upon him

And they sprung out, guns in arms

The boy ran down the alleyway and to the bridge

Where he jumped off into the river

And hid under to avoid their detection

And it proved to be a great idea

They passed and he swam to the riverbank

He breathed a sigh of relief and took a step forward

A giant tentacle grabbed his leg and yanked him away

He screamed as the creature held him up to survey him

The guards came back and watched

They watched the creature drop the boy into its mouth

The lead guard didn’t intervene at all


Levin and Channel waited three days

And on the third day Levin left early in the morning

His intentions were to find food

He made it past the barrier gates of the city

And he saw a caravan truck drive by

He ran down the hill and shouted for it to stop

It did stop, but a large serpent came out of the bushes

It’s mind was set on the boy

Levin ran to the truck but it drove away inch by inch to avoid the creature

Levin jumped into the back of the truck and gazed with horror as the serpent retreated


The driver took the boy to a sanctuary

Levin couldn’t eat without Channel

He told them her location and accompanied them back

And when they returned the serpent was waiting as expected

The driver and a few of his friends battled the serpent with guns and grenades

And it retreated to it’s hole


When they arrived at the shed Channel was near death

Levin fed her soup and the driver wrapped her in a blanket and put her in the truck


As they were about to drive off a voice shouted at them

Levin saw Ruth, standing hunched over and heavily injured

The driver carried Ruth to the truck

And all three of the lucky souls sat in the back and watched the ruined city on the coast

Being alive was better than being hungry


LINER NOTES: this Resistance-esque story was actually a pain to write, so it’s unpolished in a few places. Hopefully I can write more of Levin, Channel and Ruth’s story without getting bored to death.


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