Klea said:


Cry, little girl! Cry!

For when the winds pass by, your laptop will be nothing!

Cry, little boy, Cry!

The hard-earned gold you spent on that Xbox will be burned away in seconds.

Cry, you little boy! Cry!

For in minutes, your beloved city will be wiped away

Mourn as your years of hard work become doused in fire


He said:

Oh, cruel Moon, listen as I call upon those Gods, and my sister Latriost. Listen to the prayers that come from my teenaged mouth


Klea said:

You little monsters and your strange ways

Your weird boys and your sweeping hair and skateboards

It’s like watching clones ride by like cicadas that pass into another country


Cry, you damn monster! Cry!

Your times are over

It is the Dragons’ time to reclaim the Earth

We call to our dragon, Prince Ashuton, wrath of the burning sky, to deal with you

To make a beast of Draconizica angry is a sin


He said:

I call upon Latriost, my sister in Heaven, to protect me from the beast that has risen above seven cities


Klea said:

Now you pray? Now you pray?

Where were you when you fell off your skateboard?

Where are your friends? ANSWER ME, Skaterboy!


Please, release me from this. Protect me. Let me live long enough to see my family reach salvation. Please, Goddess of the metropolis of Latriost, Help me!!!!


Klea kneeled, whispering:

Pray. Like you should.


LINER NOTES: don’t know what to make of this, but it’s from the book, and I’m going in order of the stories (although a few stories on this blog were cut from the book). This takes place during the dragon apocalypse, on a regular day when things go dark. Latriost is one of the minor dragon goddesses, and the skater boy that prays to her is her descendant. Klea is the shipmaster of one of the dragonships that touched down. This poem’s purpose is to give a dramatic feeling to the dragon invasion. Image is Skateboy by S. Ruehlow from He let me use it 🙂


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