Lolita by melissaoka

Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve

Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve (Dragon’s Bed: After the Dream)


Lolita by melissaoka
Lolita by melissaoka


Only after did she realize she was human
Only after did she truly realize she wasn’t
Of all the things the girl knew, being human wasn’t one of them

She sat in the room and recollected memories
The end of the world was going on right outside her window
Dragons were attacking from space
Dragons with weapons, fire, technology and speech
She softly stroked his head and whispered, “it will be over, soon.”
But the man did not understand

They were from two worlds
He was Italian and she was English
He was human, she was dragon-human with a computer inside her
Only one thing they both agreed on: they needed each-other
There is a war going on, a war that no eyes will believe
She let a tear fall from here eyes
A tear, yes—a tear—giving notice that computers cry

“Claud, io ti tenere fino a quando questo mondo finisce.”

Claudio, I will forever hold you until this world ends.


LINER NOTES: the picture brought you here, didn’t it? The picture is Lolita by MELISSAoka from


Chapter one/Sector 1 is nearing it’s end…


4 thoughts on “Dragonbed: Aprés Le Rêve”

  1. oh man, this is so moving and so sad. i love dragons and personally think that they have gotten a very bum rap down through the centuries. i believe that they are intelligent, and that they have their own civilization, with rule, mores and guidelines for their society.

    one thing i know within my very heart and soul, they are not the dumb ravening beasts of story and legend.

    bless you, dear sir, for being their champion and portraying them in a more forgiving and compassionate light.

    i remember you now. i once followed your blog, but accidentally deleted the follow when i was ‘spring cleaning dead foliage’ that no longer contributed to the well being of my self confidence and sense of self worth. i am truly sorry for that. i now have you once more amongst my precious follow children, safe and sound, and will visit when i can.

    blessed be,

    marantha d. jenelle


    1. Thank you for the kind words~! I also noticed how dragons have changed drastically over the years. However in some books being published today they are recognized as good creatures (books like Eragon, Pern, Soulfire and best of all: Temeraire). I agree about them having their own society. I made sure I gave those purposes to Draconizica (a moral code, millions of planets within their peaceful empire, etc). I remember the very first comment you left on here. I haven’t been able to visit your blog much because the life of a writer is always busy but I will try my hardest to stop by when I can. Thank you for paying me a visit~ and god bless you eternally 🙂


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