Short Story Saturday: Love of Italian Dragons: Poem of the Happy Dragon

Yes, this is another dragon story because they deserve better. Forget the cliche evil dragons and the cliche dragon shifters. I bring foreth, thy dragon shifters from space! This story gives more background to Ashuton(the Italian dragon)’s relationship with Narcissus (the black girl). The image of the dragon and the girl will help you grab a better picture of what I’m saying. Gabriel Aubrey is the closest thing to Ashuton, except Ashuton’s eyebrows a little bit darker, shoulders are a bit broader and the hair is long. The black girl in the pic, Adaora Akubilo, is the perfect example of how Narcissus Cartwright looks (somewhat). Inspired by a Beethoven Piano Concerto (video at the end of this post). If TSODR becomes a visual novel, this scene will be the introduction. I wrote this on my iPod at 3 AM and did not proofread it. Dragon image is Night Sky Dragon by kokodriliscus from DeviantArt.


The Love of an Italian Dragon: Movement 2: Poem of the Happy Dragon


She woke up with the Dragon beside her, and he kept the guise of a man
Last night was her birthday, he told her of the promise they made

“When you return to me on your twentieth Undyear, I’ll give you the best night of your life.”

He fulfilled that promise
He fulfilled every aspect of it
He made her a cake but was poor at it
And then he filled her with such live that a bed was needed to hold them
“I wonder what’s it like to have sex with a Dragon?” she asks, questioning the green-red eyed man.
The human with the discolored eyes responded, “it will be a fun ride for us both.”

She never felt the love of a Dragon before, but it felt so familiar. She could not understand this familiarity.

He had been in love three times ‘afore, and each of the women he channeled his feelings with had been murdered in the name of the Emperor. Il famiglia, Italians cared deeply for family. Each time his love was killed, part of his dragon heart froze and did not beat. He suspected prejudism from the Emperor because the maidens all had brown skin and ancestry from the Dragoncountry. The moment he laid eyes upon this new girl when she was shy of sixteen, he was determined to hold her close. He had to run away with her to avoid the clutches of the Emperor.

He knew he had to let his Princess go at some point, and seeing her dive away from his reach had pained him to his core. That did not kill his heart, what killed it was erasing every fragment, every kiss and every touch he laid upon her body when he let her go. He erased himself from her memories to ensure she would not cry over his absence. She would measure the rim of the sky without him. She would dream of dragons without him tightly embracing her and invading the confines of her mind to dream with alongside her. She would yearn to see Dragons again, like before. Everything would go back to normal like a system restore. Seeing her again, on her shining twenty year, is a joy he’ll never forget.

This morning, as he dreamed a happy dream, she decided to kiss him. The warm touch had awoken the docile dragon, and he turned over to see her smiling. One moment he’s fully human and the next he can become his Dragon self. This was what she cherished the most.
“Buongiorno mio uomo drago,” she said naturally, no longer sounding like a foreigner of the Italian romance language.
He kissed the softness of her lips and sweetly–if not tiredly–replied, “Buongiorno, mia regina drago.”
She wanted to take him again. Last night she had become so tangled after the third orgasm. The first wasn’t so delightful, but the second and third had wrapped her in a bag of emotions.

She gently rubbed her breasts against him, hoping to spark sexual emotions. She was unhesitant to wake her dragon from his slumber. She wanted this dragon to spark her body again. Ashuton was more than happy to welcome Narcissus back.
One more kiss, and she smiled again, “thank you for last night.”
He softly replied, “it’s something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time.”
A long time. For a Dragon, time is another prison for it to hang itself in.
She took him “in” again, and her body had not become accustomed to the feeling of sex.
They were enclosed in the privacy of the room, ensuring Ashuton’s brothers wouldn’t disturb them.


LINER NOTES: Inspired by Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat major, Op. 73, “Emperor.” A 9-minute calm piano+orchestra song.

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