Religion or Cult

Top image is Priest Warriors by Dusan Kostic - Fotolia The maiden screamed as the cloaked men set fire to her shophut. They were the ones from Camelot's Disciples (the cult of Yansake). They burned e'ry town that wanted to distill the uprising of the Yansake-Kuruga. She felt the Yansake-Kurugas were devilish and evil. The… Continue reading Religion or Cult


We’re Not Dead: A Post for National Poetry Month

This month is my birth month and it's also National Poetry Month. To show my love of poetry and lack of posts, I present to thee: Calliope Song from TSODR _____________ a dragon’s shadow reflects on the walls memories of days vanish so I guess she’ll keep playing her calliope   Everything a dragon-boy is… Continue reading We’re Not Dead: A Post for National Poetry Month