We’re Not Dead: A Post for National Poetry Month

This month is my birth month and it’s also National Poetry Month. To show my love of poetry and lack of posts, I present to thee: Calliope Song from TSODR


a dragon’s shadow reflects on the walls

memories of days vanish

so I guess she’ll keep playing her calliope


Everything a dragon-boy is expected to be keeps him struggling

He struggles under the weight of expectation from others

He struggles under the weight of trying to meet their dreams


when the little dragonchild came to Earth from space,

he was alone

but then he wasn’t, now he wishes he was


Everything he wants always comes with requirement

It keeps him stilling alive until they are met

The son of the Dragon and the Woman has a steel-plated heart

But unbroken as it seems, it becomes that way anyway


The Dragon-born-son runs through cluttered Italian streets

To meet the expectation and take it’s hand


The Dragon-born-son runs through the hectic Russian streets

To meet Mother where she said she’ll be


The Dragon-born-son runs through the bustling American streets

To meet freedom where he thought it would be



Liner notes: One of the many, many many poems in the Omnibus edition of TSODR. I’ve canceled the magazine series in favor of promoting only the omnibus. I hope to get on the American Board of poets or some prestigious poetry society association/board/committee or whatever you call those things. There’s no reference to Skyrim with the lines “the dragonborn son.” That was a complete coincidence (I hadn’t known what Skyrim was when I wrote this).

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  2. Dylan Paton0@gmail.com said:

    Hey um could I use this picture in a book that Im making? Its called A Love With Wings

    • I didn’t make the image. I wish I knew who made it. I reposted it here to give this blog post a picture. You can try and use Google to find the original artist. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

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