12 (Poetry Sunday)

Could this be the worst boat ride of your life?


Dragons of Atlanta: Day 1-4

Because I couldn't find a better image

Days 1-4, the last days before the unexpected shut down of the Sugar Tablet, reveal a secret that the Dragons were hiding. Follow Darrell and Kim as they traverse the ruins of Atlanta.

Dragons of Atlanta: Day Zero-One

Part one of two: Darrell Kingman recounts the beginning of the dragons' war via webcam diaries. He tells the mysterious event that led to Atlanta being in ruins.

Prologue 00: Remembering (Fragments of a Dragon’s Memories)

This is Ashuton's past childhood, a distant memory of the torture a dragon shifter endures, even in their home country. (This is suppose to be the first prologue)

Last Kingdom

Last Kingdom   The newspapers were carried off by the loving wind A storm was blossoming in the skies as the clouds slowly turned gray The streets were vacant, empty of anything living except stray animals Buildings were deserted, no sign of life living inside them A couch stayed overturned A bowl of popcorn was… Continue reading Last Kingdom