Last Kingdom

Last Kingdom


The newspapers were carried off by the loving wind

A storm was blossoming in the skies as the clouds slowly turned gray

The streets were vacant, empty of anything living except stray animals

Buildings were deserted, no sign of life living inside them

A couch stayed overturned

A bowl of popcorn was left untouched

The cash register was a broken mess on the floor

And money was no longer needed because there would be no one there to use it

Everything was free because nobody owned it

The giant tentacles were still digging up the pillars from beneath

They were still hard at work, descending from the clouds to pick up the pieces

On the outside, where everything was quiet, there was a sign of life at the towers

Thousands, maybe millions, were forced behind fences

The Dragon overlord told them the next step for evolution was arriving

There were outcries, but they did not understand

Why did they hate them so much?

As the days went by, the few dragon gods on Earth had expanded themselves

They melded and created for the sake of preservation

When the towers had been fully constructed, people were allowed back into their cities

Some world leaders expressed interest in revenge while others wanted to leave it alone

The Emperor of Antonin made a public speech, apologizing for his son’s actions

But he thought about it…Ashuton had every right to do it

So he took his words back and said the dragons suffered long enough

And that he failed to quickly act to quell their suffering

As days progressed to years, and things died out, humanity had returned to what it once was

But those towers above the cities were a permanent part of the landscape

There were skirmishes here and there

And there were those that wished to bring down the Dragon Empire

Those “radicals” could not see that the dragons were directing Earth towards greatness


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