Because I couldn't find a better image

Dragons of Atlanta: Day 1-4

Because I couldn't find a better image
Why did I pick this image? Because I couldn’t find a better one and nobody makes fan art for my stories.

Day One: After the War

Hello to whoever sees this. I’ll be keeping a video diary, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Well, it’s raining today and the bombings have ended. I saw a few dragons in the sky but Kim told me not to peek out the windows.

We’ve…uh…taken in a few survivors and their Dragonling. They’re an old couple, kinda like hillbillies. Rhonda, she’s a bit on the chubby side, and her husband, Ralph, say they know where to find fresh food. Kim and I will be heading out with them tomorrow. The last time I had an apple was…fourteen days ago. I was cautious at first about their black dragon, but they said the dragon can’t use telepathy and is loyal to them. And you can probably see the thing behind me. He’s as ugly as hell. I’ve never seen a dragon like him; he’s not like the others. Those whiskers make him look like a fat cat. He won’t stop glaring at me. **sigh** Well, I think It’s time I turned in. Goodbye America.

Day Two: Food Search

Darrel: Good lord! Right over there…right by Cunnery Point! It’s standing right there! Don’t move.

Look, can you see it? I’m pointing the phone right at it. That’s your first glimpse of a bipedal dragon soldier, and right beside him is the overlord: an actual dragon! Looks like he’s dragging in a little girl. Hold it…that’s a boy! We need to save him!

Kim: No! we can’t risk getting caught.

Darrel: but, he’s just a little boy.

Rhonda: oh my god, that’s my son! That’s my son!

Ralph: what? Jon? Is that really Jon?

Kim: shhhhhhhh!!! Shut it!

Rhonda: my baby, my baby, my baby

Kim: shut it or we’ll get caught

Darrell: Ms. Hawthorne, please lower your voice

*the bipedal dragon drags the squirming child into the metro station. Rhonda tries to quell the tears, but it’s futile.*

Kim: we gotta keep moving. Come on! We’ll find your son when we have better weapons

*Darrell reluctantly stands and follows, keeping his AK47 close. Rhonda slowly stands, feeling the weight of emotions pound at her back. She accepted the fact that she might not see her son again. As much as she tried to push him out of her thoughts, the more she thought about saving him.*

* * *

It’s a shopping mart! An actual Food 4 Less, and it’s been partially damaged by the bombs. I find it hard to believe this is still here.

It feels so ghostly in here. I was on guard the whole time and not once did a dragon pop out to kill us. When we left, we didn’t encounter anything on the way back. Where are they?


Day Three: Cave Dwellers

Okay, we’re inside the Cannery Point station. The entrance was unguarded so we let ourselves in. it’s so damp and dark.

*turns on flashlight, the only comforting light in the station*

Darrell: Holy sh—

Kim: shhh!!

Rhonda: are they…mating?

Ralph: that looks **fun.** how come we don’t do that anymore?

*the group curiously stares at a small blue Cantedragon vigorously pumping a “weaning” red Fire dragon. Darrell steps closer, but Kim holds him by the hand. He looks back at her and notices her warning expression*

Kim: let’s go, now.

Darrell **whispering**: it looks so freaky. Is that all they do? Make eggs?

Kim: why don’t you ask Vasilev when we reach Kansas.

**they travel deeper into the train tunnels, tip toeing past sleeping dragons and navigating through crashed trains. They enter the lobby, where they see an active nest. There are hundreds of dragons, both bipedal and winged, tending to the giant and sleeping black dragon at the center. The human citizens were sitting on the cold concrete with cloth blindfolds covering their eyes. Others were forced to watch as their family members were impregnated by the sleeping dragon. Shifters, bipedal dragons, Wyverns and the like were observing with anticipation. The crystals on the wall start to glow a deep red color as it registers the unknown aura coming off of the intruders. Immediately Darrell realizes this place.**

Darrell: oh, crud.

Kim: what? What is it?

Darrell: remember the UNYOS virus in New York? The one that originated from the UNYOS station?

Kim: yeah, what about it?

Darrell: well, the guy went into a nest like this one and came out infected…

Kim: get to the point!

Darrell: this is a breeding ground, and we’re the food! We shouldn’t be here. We might get—

Rhonda: my son! Look! There’s my son!

*Kim backs away as she examines the red crystals*

Kim: those crystals can detect us. Shit! I knew this was a bad idea.

**Rhonda starts crying as she sees her six-year-old son being implanted with the sleeping dragon’s genetics.**

Rhonda: what are they doing?

Darrell: Rhonda, this was a bad idea we need to go, now!

*there’s a loud hiss and a terrifying shadow approaching them from the left. Ralph holds Rhonda’s hand and talks comfortingly.*

Ralph: honey, we need to go. We-we-we can’t save him, Ro.

*the shadow draws closer to them*

Ralph: Ro, c’mon, we’ll save him when we find the military, okay? Ro, is that okay?

Rhonda: …………y-y-y…y-yes……….

*the group runs for the other exit, avoiding the sleeping tunnel dragons. They exit through the southwest entrance and leave the confines of the nest*

Day Four

It’s just us four now. The IDS, um, International Dragon Society, collapsed a few weeks ago. What’s left of it, eight senior members, have chosen to stay hidden until we can recreate the IDS again. Forgot to mention that. Behind me, Ralph is constructing a weapon made from anything that’s useful. We haven’t had a chance to get out and scavenge for food. There are dragon soldiers occupying the neighborhood. I’m going to broadcast this video and any audio messages so survivors with a radio or SugarTablet will know they are not alone. Speaking of…I need to find more sugar for my tablet.

Kim: Darrell, come look!

**rushing from his seat, Darrel runs to Kim’s side**

Darrell: what the hell is that?

Kim: shine the cam on it. This will make a great home video

Ralph: what are those dragons doing?

Darrell: looks like a giant tower

*There are hundreds of ships congregating around a half built structure. Dragons are flying in frenzy, delivering metal, steel, glass, cars, toys and anything else salvageable to the various construction ships and Hoverlasers. The lasers grind the steel and scrap and turn it into a goo-like substance that sticks onto the spire and expands. Other machines meld metal and steel into the unfinished tower.*

Kim: they’re building one of those Portal Towers

Rhonda: a what?

Kim: a portal tower. It serves as a nest for their high ranking sub-species. God help us all if they are building more than one.

**Darrell looks around, noticing a missing presence**

Darrell: hey…where’s that fat dragon of yours?

Rhonda: Who? Timmy? He’s over…

Ralph: where is he?

*Darrell grabs his trusty AK47*

Darrell: that little lizard ain’t going to make a lunch of me

Kim: I hear something

Ralph: I hear it too




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