TSODR/Tarnished: Update 4 and Update 4.2

Anyone following my book, Tarnished: Tales of Broken Dragons (also known as Dragons and Cicadas/TSODR), should know that it is updated on the 15th of every month and that they should check it’s Smashwords page or check here to know about the latest update. I am happy to report that Update 4 has been sent to the Smashwords converter (those of you on Amazon won’t be getting this update anytime soon because they’re slow about updating books). I was late with editing this update, so only three new stories come with it and two of them are continuations. A second update to address this, Update 4.2, will be released on August 21 (mark your iPhone calendars!).

Stories with Update 4.1:


After the Aftermath (Part 2)

Hexagonal Hive: Part 2

Hangman During the Apocalypse

You can update your copy on this page: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/205546

TSODR/Tarnished: Update 4 and Update 4.2