Update 5 is HERE

Not sure if any of you notice this but the latest update is here. I had to rush this one out, but it’s a meaty update (sort of). It includes the first 3 poems of The Annihilation.

What it contains:

The stories have been put into their respective order after a few readers have left reviews about the odd order of the stories. The Annihilation has begun, Hexagon Hive is completed, After the Aftermath is completed, some new flash stories are added from the original book and at the end of every story, Snuffy the Dragon will give monologues that serve as insights into the story. Careful! She bites! Also added is The Other Stories section, which is where all the other stories go. All of the stories have been re-arranged, and Chapter 12 now holds the story of The Annihilation. October 15’s update will include more about that event.

What’s new:
Chapter 45
And Chapter 12

Wyrl Watches Olivia
Lizard Tea
A Letter from IWA
Narcissus to Rinaldo
Seraphina and Claire
Lucky Dragon Insanity
The Annihilation
Danny is Alone


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