Dragons and Cicada’s New Home and Update 6

Hello, my fans (if there are any). I am here to tell you that yesterday’s update as put off to today because I am going to submit Dragons & Cicadas to Amazon’s Kindle Serials. That’s the perfect place for it (the serial program). Because it’s flash fiction updated monthly, D&C can be read the way it’s suppose to be read.

Anyway, Update 6 will go live tonight at 11. If it doesn’t, look for it tomorrow. It will include 3 stories. Why only 3? That is because the rest of the stories have complete author commentary. The Snuffy Monologue in Update 5 didn’t work out so well, and after discovering the book “A Man of Few Words” by Stephen Thompson, I decided author commentary is the way to go. Adding my thoughts to every single story and poem takes a LOT of time, and right now it’s only 40 % complete. Adding that kind of thing to 342 stories takes a long time.

Here’s what the stories contain:

*There is a backstory for a certain boy from Chance’s tale. He didn’t get the spotlight that he deserved. I’m sure you know who he is. He was the first dragon whore.

*Quint gets a story similar to Samuel’s story, Human Weaknesses.

*A new story about a teenage dragonboy abducted by the Alma Maters. What happened to him? What did they do to him?

If you know me personally (which you don’t), you know how sweet I am and how much I try to make people happy 🙂 so that means there may be more than one story in this update.

Dragons and Cicada’s New Home and Update 6

Anime Analysis: Anime for Certain People

So a relative and I were talking about anime, and I told her about the different kinds of anime for different people. She’s not too into it, but I plan on getting her into it. Her personality is different so I wrote about the anime that might cater to her by writing what anime caters to who.

There are 2 types of anime: girly girly/Shojo like Fruits Basket
and intellectual/smart, y’know, branching storylines and character development, like Ergo Proxy and Code Geass. Shojo anime can also have interesting storylines.

There is also anime that caters to specific likes. If you like gay/slightly gay stuff, there’s Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler. If you want blood and guts, there’s (my personal favorite) When Cicadas Cry/Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.

and Highschool of the Dead.

If your specific like is dragons, there is…well…my book, The Society On Da Run/Tarnished: Tales of Broken Dragons.

If you like big boobs and big butts, there’s Love Hina, Negima, Faceless Moon/Kao no Nai Tsuki, and a few others.

If you like dolls and/or gothic stuff, there’s Rozen Maiden and Vampire Knight.

If you like investigation/mystery, there’s Death Note, which is super popular.

My sweet mom likes Death Note and Code Geass. We used to watch it, but it’s so hard to find them at the library.

Yup. There’s also anime that breaks boundaries. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is one such anime.

There’s also Akira for all you retro fans out there. Oh, if you like character development, Sci-Fi and branching/complex storylines, there’s Gunslinger Girl. That one takes place in Italy. It also pushed me to research Italy’s politics. I had no clue it was so….

Anyway, if you have a specific personality, chances are there’s an anime for you.

Anime Analysis: Anime for Certain People