Dragons and Cicada’s New Home and Update 6

Hello, my fans (if there are any). I am here to tell you that yesterday’s update as put off to today because I am going to submit Dragons & Cicadas to Amazon’s Kindle Serials. That’s the perfect place for it (the serial program). Because it’s flash fiction updated monthly, D&C can be read the way it’s suppose to be read.

Anyway, Update 6 will go live tonight at 11. If it doesn’t, look for it tomorrow. It will include 3 stories. Why only 3? That is because the rest of the stories have complete author commentary. The Snuffy Monologue in Update 5 didn’t work out so well, and after discovering the book “A Man of Few Words” by Stephen Thompson, I decided author commentary is the way to go. Adding my thoughts to every single story and poem takes a LOT of time, and right now it’s only 40 % complete. Adding that kind of thing to 342 stories takes a long time.

Here’s what the stories contain:

*There is a backstory for a certain boy from Chance’s tale. He didn’t get the spotlight that he deserved. I’m sure you know who he is. He was the first dragon whore.

*Quint gets a story similar to Samuel’s story, Human Weaknesses.

*A new story about a teenage dragonboy abducted by the Alma Maters. What happened to him? What did they do to him?

If you know me personally (which you don’t), you know how sweet I am and how much I try to make people happy 🙂 so that means there may be more than one story in this update.


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