Goodreads Choice Awards: Vote for…Dragons? And Update 6

I should have blogged about this sooner, but i have been depressed for the past few days. It is slowly clearing up, but depression is a monster. I’m never going back. Anyway, the Goodreads Choice Awards is going on and there’s no category for short story collections. Because Dragons & Cicadas is short story and poetry, I need the support of my fans to vote for Dragons & Cicadas in the poetry category. If you want, you can vote for me in the best author category, but don’t do that, I’m not popular enough. Support D&C, show your love for it! Vote for it in the Poetry category on Goodreads!

Also, Update 6 has been out for a long time but I decided not to blog about it because it is an incomplete update. Only 78% of the stories have the author commentary. Another thing, all 59 Facebook likes have disappeared off the March Edition of Dragons & Cicadas on Smashwords.

I also want to unveil the new cover for Dragons & Cicadas (pictured above) using my old dragon emblem, the dragon Ashuton. I like that cover much better, don’t you? It looks like it’s attracting readers, too.

Also in other news, Ponies of Equestria and the Orangeworld Chronicles are my latest NaNoWriMos. Ponies of Equestria is a short story collection (which I can easily complete) and Orangeworld is my attempt at a novel (not poetry/short story novel) set in the world of TSODR. There will be no emphasis on the dragons, Crotonians and other aliens in the Orangeworld books. It will feature Alma Maters as antagonists but it will focus on a new race of humans called Fruits. It’s my second NaNo attempt after Drachenscolderung (I still wonder what makes that one so popular).

Vote for Dragons & Cicadas (my book) in the POETRY category in the Goodreads choice awards! I need all the support I can get!

Until next time,
Ad astra Carpe diem!

Goodreads Choice Awards: Vote for…Dragons? And Update 6

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: A Review

For the past few weeks I’ve been watching Forward Unto Dawn, a movie-tie in for Halo 4. This movie is great for fans of Halo, and if you have family members and want to get them into the Halo vibe, startoff with this series and (if you dare) Halo Legends. Some of you action junkies will find the movie slow in the beginning, but that is because it sets up the characters and develops them (which is crucial to any story). I admit seeing Master Chief made me gush like the fangirl I am.

The character, Thomas Lasky, was well thought up and well developed (especially for a mini series. Kudos to the writers). The special effects were wonderful, beautiful, and most of all…believable. The actors played the cast very well and everything about Continue reading “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: A Review”

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: A Review