Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: A Review

For the past few weeks I’ve been watching Forward Unto Dawn, a movie-tie in for Halo 4. This movie is great for fans of Halo, and if you have family members and want to get them into the Halo vibe, startoff with this series and (if you dare) Halo Legends. Some of you action junkies will find the movie slow in the beginning, but that is because it sets up the characters and develops them (which is crucial to any story). I admit seeing Master Chief made me gush like the fangirl I am.

The character, Thomas Lasky, was well thought up and well developed (especially for a mini series. Kudos to the writers). The special effects were wonderful, beautiful, and most of all…believable. The actors played the cast very well and everything about this mini movie was so right! The only downside is that it’s not longer, but luckily there is a DVD extended edition coming out (with Halo 4 limited edition and on DVD/Blu-Ray in December).

This movie only doubles my excitement for Halo 4 and a Halo movie (everyone says Fall of Reach should be a movie). Hopefully other game franchises will follow in the steps of Halo and release their own online mini-series (I’m looking at YOU, Resistance).

The movie is suitable for you and your little kiddies (if you have any, and kids watch PG-13 movies anyway) and the whole family will enjoy the short journey of Thomas Lasky. The movie is about him, so don’t expect Master Chief to be on camera all the time.

There is not much I can say without giving away the story, so you’ll have to see it for yourself to make your own final judgement. My final judgement? 4/4 dragon eggs: EXCELLENT. Click below for the first episode in the series. Each episode is only 16 minutes. Even if you aren’t a Halo junkie, watch the episodes and make it to the end.


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