The Siege of Rome

I was nearly breathless when it happened. I watched from my window as a large shadow covered the sky. If you concentrate closely, the shadow appeared to be made up of little black dots and some other colors. I stood by the window, me and my ma and my sister and my brother and my… Continue reading The Siege of Rome


I Have Gifts for you all

I bet you are wondering, "WHY HAS SHE NOT RELEASED UPDATE 7/8?????" I will tell you. I have been a busy bee for the past two months. I have gifts for my fans and that is the reason why this month's update has been pushed to December 25. Let me start at the beginning: 1.… Continue reading I Have Gifts for you all

Never the Tether

Never in all my realms have I seen such things Never, in all my days have I seen such defilement of the masses I so yearn to change the world How can a person so small with no recognition change her world? She wants them to know That the creatures of the stars exist She… Continue reading Never the Tether