I Have Gifts for you all

I bet you are wondering, “WHY HAS SHE NOT RELEASED UPDATE 7/8?????” I will tell you.
I have been a busy bee for the past two months. I have gifts for my fans and that is the reason why this month’s update has been pushed to December 25. Let me start at the beginning:

1. What happened to Update 7?

I was working on a novel (yes, a novel!) for NaNoWriMo. I cannot, for the life of me, write a novel, but as I was writing the NaNo, something in me clicked. I did not want to leave it.
The NaNoWriMo, The Dragonboys: Son of Tangerines & Take a Chance, combines two old stories. My intent was to expand them. Take a Chance was a short story from Dragons
& Cicadas and I am sure most of you have read it. The updated NaNo version has become a novel totaling 48,000 words. I had fallen in love with little Chance and completely forgot William’s story! I had to hurry to finish Son of Tangerines, but I think it ended well. So that story became a novella and Chance dominated most of the NaNo. You can read it on Smashwords or Amazon. That novel is your Update 7.

2. Update 7 was released at the beginning of December

I already had most of Update 7 completed, but I could not upload a half-cooked update, but I did it anyway. At the start of December I uploaded November’s intended update (and Update 7.2 a few days later). I merged Chance’s revamped story and William’s tale into that update.

3. Side Poems for Dragon’s War

If you bought Dragons & Cicadas sometime around Update 5, it is strongly encouraged that you update the book. #6 had author notes for every story, #7 includes a novel and side poems for Dragon’s War.

4. I’m an Italian Dragon, Motherf****

A series of drabbles will be released on Christmas, so hold on for Update 8! I title it “I’M AN ITALIAN DRAGON, MOTHERF***” and it will also be released as a standalone book. It pretty much expands the brotherly bond of the Karrucci Brothers. Yes, it is another Love of the Italian Dragon, but this one is more…grounded.

I hope you all enjoy the NaNo and Update 7. Trust me, I will not leave you hanging on December 25 🙂


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