YES! YES! YES! Dragons and Cicadas/TSODR on!

Finally! Dragons & Cicadas has it's entry on! This means you can submit your stories about the space dragon empire or your fan novels about the Karrucci brothers! Thank Jesus it has finally happened! YES!!!! I am beyond excited and, as a writer, seeing fanfiction means I created a world people actually love. It… Continue reading YES! YES! YES! Dragons and Cicadas/TSODR on!


Losing Way and Update 8

A recent trauma has made me cancel the TSODR magazine series. I learned to move on from it but I can't bring myself to publish issue 51. As for Update 8 of Dragons and Cicadas, I cannot get that update onto Smashwords because I went over the file limit with the document. I contacted the… Continue reading Losing Way and Update 8