Losing Way and Update 8

Asteroid. Image found on cracked.com
Asteroid. Image found on cracked.com

A recent trauma has made me cancel the TSODR magazine series. I learned to move on from it but I can’t bring myself to publish issue 51. As for Update 8 of Dragons and Cicadas, I cannot get that update onto Smashwords because I went over the file limit with the document. I contacted the staff. No response yet. Kindle users on Amazon have it because Amazon doesn’t have file size limits. I’m working on getting the book onto PubIt for Nook users but so far you’ll have to settle for the Smashwords Edition.

In the update, The Dragonboys (Chance’s story) has been updated substantially with new chapters and a new Dragonboy. There’s a new story about Theodore Roosevelt’s dragon, there’s an nasty Ashuton flash story, there’s another story that

explains what happened in Puttana Doll, and there’s a story about Aaron and Scuro! There is so much in this update, but there is no continuation for Gary’s Awakening and After the Aftermath. You’ll have to wait for that because those are increasingly hard to write.


Meanwhile, have a story, Lizard Tea:

“The Sweet Dragons are sitting at a small round table. Causa, whom is free from her chains because of her exceedingly good behavior, is serving the boys their midday tea and snacks. Wasp & Dragon is closed for today, so the boys have time for themselves.
Causa came to the table with a bowl full of freshly made Moonpies and Pound Cakes. The pies were made from the last loaf of Penguin Bread. They were dipped in chocolate and a warm marshmallow was placed between the decadent sweet bread. Moonpies were a favorite for Chance. Before he was taken by Overture, he used to stay in the constant care of his brothers. One of the best memories was when they were sitting on the wooden gate at the edge of Piedmont and eating moon pies while laughing at the past. Those memories kept feeling like dreams with every passing day.
Their midday tea continued as planned.
Poul snootily asks, “moooaar tea for you, Ms. Drury?”
Roi dispels his irritation in the form of a sigh, “why do you say moar instead of more?”
Poul is quick to address his French colleague, “moaaar sounds more British.”
Brandon shifts in his seat

“This chair is uncomfortable!”
Gerald laughs, “ha ha! you’re sitting in a baby chair! Pull up a seat and join the party!”
Brandon mutters, “I’m in a tea party…good lord.”
Chance is silent, like always. Kasiliev is sitting beside him…like always. To Overture, he saw that the two have become increasingly close. However he failed to notice the two were already *close.* Dangerously close.
“Chance, have you heard of Della Piccala?”
That was Causa speaking! Chance immediately responds, “no, but it sounds familiar.”
“It is,” Causa brings her hand to her chin, wondering if she should tell him. She let’s her hands fall to her side and she esthetically replies, “good! You don’t need to know!”


Here, have a Charlie lemon:

She grabbed the blonde man by the hair
And she fastened the chain
She held out her hand, showing him the lemon
She said to him, “Prepare to be vaporized, dragon!”
The end


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