Resident Evil: Retribution Reviewed


The beginning of this film didnt ignore continuity. It embraced it. I am slightly a fan of the Resident Evil film series and I even watched all of the cutscenes of the video game (the game starring Leon, the guy that saves the president’s daughter) and played the demo for Resident Evil 6 (becoming a slight Leon fan in the process) and I was thrilled to see this (they had Leon’s name in the opening credits!). However, since I started watching Walking Dead on February 14, I began to see zombies differently. I was expecting this to be an internal struggle movie. I set my expectations too high, but that doesn’t mean I hate it.

The zombies: OMFGoodnesss, since when do they run? They never ran before! I still think zombies should be slow (it seems more plausible). I’m sure the world can take on a thousand slow moving dead people. All you need are some RPGs and helicopter bombs.

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Resident Evil: Retribution Reviewed

Beasts of the Southern Wild Review


(I saw this three nights ago. Here is my review).

This is the second time I’ve been lied to by an indie. The first time was last night (cough*The Unloved*cough). Don’t expect this to be a film about a Daenerys Targayen black girl searching for her father in a world taken over by beasts (and don’t expect these beasts to accompany her either). I thought this would be a fantasy film (and the first ever outright fantasy film starring a black girl) but its not. Somewhere I read that the plot was about a girl that goes searching for her daddy in a world being taken over by prehistoric beats, but that wasn’t much of the case in this film. Don’t expect high fantasy, I already said that. I just finished it and I am just cleaning my tears. Review is below, spoilers will be mild.

The film is more like a little girl’s analysis on life. The film is actually very slow because of the character development and mostly because it shows us

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Beasts of the Southern Wild Review