Resident Evil: Retribution Reviewed


The beginning of this film didnt ignore continuity. It embraced it. I am slightly a fan of the Resident Evil film series and I even watched all of the cutscenes of the video game (the game starring Leon, the guy that saves the president’s daughter) and played the demo for Resident Evil 6 (becoming a slight Leon fan in the process) and I was thrilled to see this (they had Leon’s name in the opening credits!). However, since I started watching Walking Dead on February 14, I began to see zombies differently. I was expecting this to be an internal struggle movie. I set my expectations too high, but that doesn’t mean I hate it.

The zombies: OMFGoodnesss, since when do they run? They never ran before! I still think zombies should be slow (it seems more plausible). I’m sure the world can take on a thousand slow moving dead people. All you need are some RPGs and helicopter bombs.

It was great…until 13 minutes into the film. Why oh why do the zombies have mouth mandibles? After that, it got good again. I liked how at 20 minutes it mirrored the fourth film. I just wish the zombies looked dead like the ones in Walking Dead (yes, that show has spoiled me!). I normally don’t watch zombie films but because this is the RE series, I took a chance.

This film is great for that zombie action crave (without care for the characters). It’s brutal. As all zombie films are. I still wish this offered more…substance/development/personal issues.


Play by play (major spoilers): 25 minutes in, the cool Latina (or was she Chinese?) girl from the game (the one I watched the cinematics for) appears! I feel she can’t be trusted. Her name is…Anna? 30 minutes in the movie drops the biggest surprise bomb: Leon. It’s amazing how the film is using certain elements from past films and the games. I like that. It means they acknowledge the past films and that this isn’t some standalone adventure where everyone dies and there’s only one main character.
Heyyy its the Italian dude from the third film!
The creatures from the game make a Cameo appearance. Cool!
Since when do zombies drive cars?
41 minutes later and the escalator takes a beating.
Of course, nothing supernatural dies so easily -_-
Biohazard this, biohazard that. Cynical Computers -_-
Of course they would kill the Nikki clone (or whatever her name was)
ALIENS! This is like Aliens! The scene when Newt was taken
Damn, the black guy got hurt.
I want Alice to get her powers back.
Whose the blondie? Will they get the mind control bug off her? Shouldn’t it be attached to the back of her head to interact with her brain?
Leon’s actor is looking more like Leon.
A girl in a cocoon? That’s so Aliens!
She killed it that easily? There’s like 31 minutes left. I know there’s going to be a face off!
They got Anna!
Don’t go!
Dang. I knew it.
He shot one!! My goodness,
My goodness, are they running a hive of Fabricants? This shouts Cloud Atlas mixed with COMA, in a cool way.
It’s still living?
Luther is gonna die!
Wow, it exploded!!!! Where’s Alice?
That’s epic…..
Anna isn’t dead. Anna isn’t dead. Anna isn’t dead!
Wow, now they’re going to turn Anna into a ghost girl like Jill/the blondie in purple.
This seems fishy. Only 26 minutes left
…and I was right.
Zombies just don’t die easily.
Hit the spider on her neck.
Alice’s powers would come in handy.
Don’t let Leon and Luther die
C’mon Alice!
Take the spider off her neck!
Of course the black guy dies. F**ing Hollywood never learns. Luther was a great character. He will be missed šŸ˜¦
Yes, Alice, infect yourself. Bring your powers back!
Wait…she’s not going into the water to infect herself? Dang it!
The zombies live in water? What the hell?
Anna is dying? Dang, I thought she died. It would even things out a little.
How is the Capitol still burning? Didn’t it get destroyed long ago?
I knew he couldn’t be trusted!
YES!!!! She’s getting her powers back! Thank you Wesker (saved by the Arnold Swarznegger rip off)!
Damn! Zombie bats?
Nice apocalyptic photoshopped ending
Well, I can easily say I await the next one only to see how the story closes (and it better close on a good note)

End Play by Play

I’ll give it 2 out of 4. I am waiting for the next (and maybe final) installment. I expected a lot of things to happen, the zombie mandibles were a huge turn off and the best thing about this film is Alice (as always. Gotta luv her!) and Leon. Thats the only reason why I didn’t give this a 1 star (although I was dying to give it a 1 star). I didn’t pay that much attention to the soundtrack (except the song that plays during the Tokyo scene) and the actors were great. I just wish most of them lasted throughout the movie.
Speakin’ of zombies, does anyone think the people in Walking Dead can be cured of that zombie disease while they’re alive?? You obviously can’t cure them once they turn!


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