How to Subscribe to this Blog

If you are logged out of WordPress, you can subscribe to this blog by clicking the Follow button on the bottom right of your screen. Also, you can scroll all the way down (of any page) to the sidebars. You can also sign up another way: There are 4 columns: one column has a pony… Continue reading How to Subscribe to this Blog


Talking Monday: Attack of the Anime

I just got an email from Goodreads about new releases this month. One of them is a manga (called a Graphic Novel by Americans that don't know of manga) with a familiar name attached to it. The name, Sharyon Kerryin or something like that, is a name I've seen before at bookstores (attached to Romance… Continue reading Talking Monday: Attack of the Anime

How to Handle Bad Reviews

(Found that pic in Google Search) I have been hearing about indie authors exploding over bad reviews and attacking people over it. Now, is that the right thing to do? No! For all you indies acting like children, I will give you 3 words of advice. 1) Reviews are people's opinions. They are not meant… Continue reading How to Handle Bad Reviews