How to Handle Bad Reviews


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I have been hearing about indie authors exploding over bad reviews and attacking people over it. Now, is that the right thing to do? No! For all you indies acting like children, I will give you 3 words of advice.

1) Reviews are people’s opinions. They are not meant for you, they are meant for the readers. Never ever in all that good in The Lord Jesus’s name, never attack reviewers because they did not like/hated your book. It is beyond wrong and it shows that you are not qualified.

2) Do not post fake reviews and do not get friends and family to post reviews. When I was new to the e-publishing game, I read discussions by Helpful people on Amazon. They say to never post fake reviews and never get friends and family to review books. A very long time ago, when I was so drunk about wanting to have a review, I posted a fake 1 star and a fake 3 star review in hopes that it would attract readers because I read somewhere that too many 5 star reviews would make one look suspicious. Reverse psychology, y’know? That didn’t work. A person on Amazon told me I had gotten some bad advice. I have long since removed those and stopped caring for getting reviews.

3) Do not hunt down reviewers and “word-rape” them because they gave your book a low rating. What you should do is embrace all reviews, good and bad, and be quiet. Focus on writing instead of promoting. That’s the key to becoming a bestseller: writing. If your book sucks, people won’t say a damn thing. If your book is amazing like the Holy Bible itself, people will tell their friends and they’ll tell their friends. Get some beta readers to give you their insights/what they think of your work. You might just find something.

4) BONUS TIP! Get rid of that shitty attitude. I used to think that mainstream media was polluted by poop and knock off books (kinda like knock off brands of food), but I never called my book better than somebody else’s, because that kind of thinking would lower my quality. Stop thinking that mainstream books and media are poop. Focus on nurturing your work (like how I do) so you can rise to the top. And best of all, make friends with people. Love everybody you see. Don’t go boasting about how awesome your book is or how you think it should be published by the big publishers. Just be quiet and write and THINK POSITIVE and stop thinking your book is better than everyone else’s.

Live by my Life Quote: if you can’t stand criticism, you ain’t got no business being an indie author.
Live by my second life quote: life is like a bucket of strawberries. It can be bitter or sweet.
Live by my third life quote: love everyone you see and forgive and forget.

Stop, for the love of god, seeking reviews. Stop with the fake reviews and stop with bashing reviewers and stop trying to con the system. It is not what Jesus would do. He would wait patiently while writing a bucketload of stories (I know I would).

And this is advice coming from a TEENAGER! LOL!


2 thoughts on “How to Handle Bad Reviews”

  1. As a reviewer I express my opinion and it hurts me to give a negative review of a work, as I am aware of all the toil and trouble, basically blood sweat and tears that goes into a work, it’s your baby. Hopefully if it is a negative one, the author will know that it is not done maliciously and it can be used to either revise or tuck away for future reference.


    Richard Sommery-Gade aka Nanakulikane

    On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 11:18 AM, The Society On Da Run: Space Drag


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