Talking Monday: Attack of the Anime


I just got an email from Goodreads about new releases this month. One of them is a manga (called a Graphic Novel by Americans that don’t know of manga) with a familiar name attached to it. The name, Sharyon Kerryin or something like that, is a name I’ve seen before at bookstores (attached to Romance and Fantasy novels…if I can remember correctly). I could also tell from the book’s cover art that it was based on a USA book. This is the third American-book-turned-manga that I’ve seen (the other two being Twilight and Mortal Instruments and I think the Hunger Games but I may be wrong on that one). These things are popping up fast. Among other anime goodies that have come to America is the animal hat (one of which I proudly own, straight from Japan) and American-media-turned-anime, like Iron Man, Blade, Halo (I proudly own Halo: Legends) and X-Men to name a few (out of many). For that you can trace it’s origins to the fantastical Animatrix (which I KNOW everyone has seen. Yes, I own a copy of that because I loved it). When I first got into anime, I said, “why can’t more Americans watch this?” Today I say, “my goodness, Americans are watching anime!” And now everyone is jumping on it like a fad, which I am fine with. I, growing up on Anime, fully support it and…oh what the hay I’ll say it: I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE DRAGONS AND CICADAS MANGA~! I know I’m suppose to be working on it myself, but seriously that project is better off in capable hands. I got too much writing to do with Book 2 of Dragons and Cicadas that next update! Heh heh…

For years I have dreamed of seeing D&C as an anime. I wrote the beautiful thing in anime style and some of the stories I see as anime in my head. I draw and breathe that stuff.

Wouldn’t you want to see dragon gods and Crotonians inside your favorite manga magazine? I know I would.

Anyway, the books-turned-manga that I’ve seen have one thing in common: Yen Press. Ever since Tokyopop went defunct died an early death, Yen Press has stepped up to ensure manga quality continues (Tokyopop…oh God the memories! Ten dollars per manga).

I’ll be watching Yen Press, and hopefully they’ll make a manga out of Dragons & Cicadas (with art by PEACH-PIT or a highly regarded manga artist that makes beautiful art). If not, I’ll do it myself if I can. America is finally breaching into the anime market and bleeding it hard, and its nice to see, I just hope it doesn’t lower the quality of anime by turning it into an overused dead horse that you see everywhere on the Internet (and every where you go…and on every kid’s HEAD! Those hats….)

By the way, that top image is from the anime iOS/PC/Droid/what-have-you game Juniper’s Knot. I just started playing it. It’s interesting so far.

Have fun, my precious dragons.

PS:(Has anyone seen School of Thrones? Subscribing to iO9 has its benefits!)


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