How to Subscribe to this Blog


If you are logged out of WordPress, you can subscribe to this blog by clicking the Follow button on the bottom right of your screen. Also, you can scroll all the way down (of any page) to the sidebars. You can also sign up another way: There are 4 columns: one column has a pony picture. Beside that column is a sidebar that says “Follow this blog via email.”

Input your email into the box and press enter (or click the button). If you are signed up with WordPress, click the “follow” button on the black bar at the very top of the screen (the bar that contains your username and list of blogs). After signing up, you will receive blog posts and the latest updates about Dragons and Cicadas through email.

Now that I think about it, I never told any of you about Update 10…or 11…

Featured image is Arthur’s Seat by Tilmandralle. Public domain.


1 thought on “How to Subscribe to this Blog”

  1. Hi. I just started reading your stories and I already love them. I love books and reading and I know that you could definitely become a really awesome author one day. You should definitely try your hardest to be one!! I’m writing a short story too. I was just wondering if you could check it out? It would actually mean so much to me. I have just started and I don’t know how to get people to read it. Thanks so much and always keep writing!!! xx


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