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I am back with another free books post. Today I am promoting books by my good friends John Patin, Linell Jeppsen and T. Jackson King.
Free today is: Dragons and Cicadas (still) and Tales from Tomorrow #4. I am blogging about the free events of these two books.

Free today is Tales from Tomorrow #4 by John Patin. This one contains dragons in it (gotta love dragons~). Also, I’ll be contributing a story for the sixth issue.


Dreambones – part 1 of a serialized novel
…. Eric Rice was a Deepscout looking for a big discovery. He found it. The problem was going to be surviving long enough to cash in.

C. O. D.
…. Dani and Ringer are back with a new delivery to make. What could go wrong this time? After all, Riviera is a resort world where every day is a Perfect day!

Prime Directive – a short short
…. There are some things our leaders never tell us about. But then, their only motivation is to always do what is best for us, right?

Linell Jeppsen becomes our inaugural guest contributor with the first half of her Prequel to Story Time – answering questions raised in her novel.

and last but not least: a new Omega File

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Amazon UK
Amazon ES

Also free today is Dragons and Cicadas. If you already own the book but have an outdated version and want the new update, delete the book in the Manage My Kindle section of your Amazon Profile and redownload it while it is free.

Dragons and Cicadas synopsis

The space dragons are coming home. No vampires rule this land, no wolves take claim to the Dragon’s throne. In this collection of interlinked stories, these dragons are unbound by standard cliches. These dragons live among us, taking our forms, drinking our food, breeding with our bloodlines…nobody knew their families dwelled in the stars, awaiting for a time to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. When cruelty and greed pulled the last straw, they attacked with technology superior to our own. Welcome to The Society, and we’re running for our lives.

(This is a collected edition of stories from the magazine series of the same name. This book is updated every 1-2 months with new content from it’s original version, so you are paying 2.99 for a large amount of stories)

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Books to Read

For anyone dying for a new read, I can recommend The Guardians by Linell Jeppsen and Stellar Assasin by T Jackson King.

Stellar Assasin Synopsis

Al Lancaster is a shipwrecked tech scavenger who wakes up from Suspense on the auction block of Hercules Station in the alien-run Markan star system, light years distant from Earth. The only human in a star-traveling culture where ancient Guilds of Trade, Assassins and Spies train solo beings to serve alien masters, Al finds that survival depends on his human predatory instincts. He becomes an industrial thief, bounty hunter and sometimes “hit man” for alien merchants, a job that deeply troubles him as a Zen Buddhist. Hope flares briefly when he falls in love with the alien cat-woman Delo Quar Anken, only to see her kidnapped by a sadistic alien merchant. But Al vows to survive, even when he is faced with his greatest challenge—to carry out a “hit” on the Messiah of Death, a plasma cloud alien that literally cannot be killed.

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The Guardians Episode 1 Synopsis


An alien race flee their dying world…

Welcomed by the hails and emissaries of the League of Eight, The Crulla instead make their way through the systems they come across, seeking worlds not to live on, but where they can harvest the blood of the inhabitants.

After their advance leads them to a League outpost, where they decimate the population, the League are forced to act; going to war against the rampaging alien species, who are making their way slowly to the unprotected Sollus system, and it’s one occupied planet… Earth!

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Happy trails, fillies~! May the space dragon be with you!


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