NaPoWriMo: Yggdrasil, Dragonboy Whores of Aershura, Copious DRA=coNizica and Reverent Dreams


These are my entries for National poetry Month. I missed out on Day 1-3 but I’m writing ’em anyway. The first one is a reference to Haruka Shimotsuki’s Yggdrasil and Yuragu Sora albums. The second is a reference to her song on a Doujin (self published) album she made in collaboration with Rekka Katakiri, Bassy and Chata (the Barbarian on the Groove group). The third is a cyberpunk/rainy day poem for my community story, Dragon Spire. The last one is a tribute to Ian M Banks (I read that he’s sick) and his Culture stories. I’ve never read a single Culture book (novels don’t bode we’ll with me) but I’m making a tribute anyway using the prompt from

All poems use elements from Dragons & Cicadas.


Lui-Draghi xazso cilhy
K’lir voivel, neu-l-uogil
Camare, lasoyu Ellju
Zecklé noi

He felt the air filtering through his parted fingers
He loved the sky, and from his hill he embraced the breeze
The turbines swung and swung the wills of the Earth
The purification of air made the breeze come faster and harder like the snow

The airy boy was holding out both his arms
It was like a thank-you prayer to the air
The grass, in all their millions of glory, shifted and shifted in wake

The air came hard this time around, for the turbines swung their best

The boy wanted to fly through the sky and touch the infinite blue sky
He could almost feel himself rise in the air
But something was wrong with the world

The sun was lowering in the sky
Raleighs were turning from blue-red
An orange-sense filled the sky, dissipating that sacred blue hue
Clock will say “time to return home, your mother awaits your return.”
The boy does not want to leave, for this breeze still has life

The airy boy continues to hold out his arms
A dirty smell fills his nose and the sacred air
The heart of the wind beats against the land, casting its glow
A certain smoke rises in the distance, pulling lightly the boy from his peace

The boy wants to fly through the setting sky and reach the clouded sun
The wasteland would be beneath him, shrinking away as he flew

The grass, in all their millions of glory, shifted and shifted into mountains of trash
The turbines turn to black, decayed things
Irradiated by past’s blues
The boy, clad in armor, takes off his gas mask to embrace the breeze
Its a danger in itself to breathe the poisoned air
To embrace the breeze that died with the world
(To embrace the breeze that died with the land).

Author Notes: the idea for this was from a writing prompt on The prompt was write a poem about lies. So this came about. The boy was remembering a time before the world was ravaged, when he was just a farm boy and not an agent. I wrote it to Yuragu Sora by Haruka Shimotsuki (that means you can sing it to the song’s melody). Here’s a literal translation of the beginning dragon words:

Fly through sky
On wings, black and bold
Come, sweet Vessel
Build new land

Its taken from my Blessings of the Father Dragon poem.
*Note, the é in Zecklé denotes the creation of something new.
Listen to Yuragu Sora: Yuragu Sora on YouTube

The Dragonboy Whores of Aershura #1: Cool Brush

Always walking towards some unknown fate is a teenager in worn shoes
Going home to someplace on that old country road walking with the breeze beside him
He is very alluring, something to capture and steal your eyes
(They are very alluring, with hearts full of purity)
Sweet Dragon, the whore from the painting world

With a single stroke of a brush, the worlds are painted inside the canvas
Painted world
Bound at all sides, the limitations strike paper but disappear in the realm of digital
Its that boy that I really want to paint with “me”

I can never draw those same loving eyes I see.

I paint hundreds of stars and fruits with a face, I paint dragons and fair maidens
I paint people on thrones, I paint cakes with machines
But that boy always haunts my vision
When I sleep he is what I see, when I eat I see him beside me
I want to paint him upon my canvas, yet every attempt is futile

I can never draw those same loving eyes I see.

With the will of my heart and the clash of my brush, these blind eyes will see life in abundance.
With these weak and frail hands, so shaky and young, I will paint the stars in the eyes of my Dragonboy.
I want a world where my face is known as The Artist.
(I want a world where I can paint my Dragonboy and restore the bright light)

I paint his thin arms, I paint his succulent face and I craft his body within this painted world
Bound at all sides, limitations will not keep me from my boy, I’ll take him to my grave!
Its that boy-child that I really want to paint with “me”
(But its okay, I will do my best to achieve)

I can never draw those same loving eyes I know.
But its okay, I will do my best to achieve.

Author Notes: this was written to the melody of a song by Haruka Shimotsuki on the TAOS PUEBLO album. I have no idea what its called, but it has a jazzy tune mixed with galactic sounds (and a brush drum). It reminds me of a painter (or a sexy girl singing a song about love at a jazz bar) and so this came about.


Copious DRA=coNizica (On a Rainy Day)

Running along the rainy sidewalk, there’s something I want to believe
(Running along the sidewalk, I recount my days left)
I believe in the days left here in this forsaken portal
I used to rip away feelings and mercilessly tear them apart
I used to be on the low-end, working towards the ambiguous “you.”

Now I search for the sky with these sacred keys,
The doorway’s somewhere, of that I am sure
I know the sky is the limit so I want to search there

On the other side of the portal, there’s a world with no “you.”
Its a world where I hold the sacred keys (I will unlock the sky and bring you here with me)

Running where its rainy is sure to break the sky’s door
And I can leave this (them) and come to the future that I see
I believe in days where there is no sky
And I say to thee, “come home with me.”

I know you’re up there, holed up in the sky
Finally my goal is done, I can reach you
I rip the doors of the sky apart and walk amongst the rain

On this side of the portal, I search for your trace
This is your world and I’m here to take you home with me
Now I search the sky for your crying eyes
I know limit is the sky, finally I can reach you

Come to the home I see
I hold my hand to thee, life awaits

Return from the sky, return from this world
I know limit is the sky, finally I am with you
And I say to thee, “I want to be with you.”
There is no greater day

On this side of the portal, I run with the ambiguous “you”
We return home where I hold the sacred keys
Now I search the sky for your crying eyes
I know limit is the sky, finally I can reach you

Running the rainy sidewalk in the day I say to you, “lets go home…
…And walk amongst the rain.”

Author Notes: this was inspired by Chata’s song from the (Barbarian on the Groove) album Taos Pueblo. I don’t know the title, but its a fast paced song with a guy ongoing at the beginning for a short period of time. You’ll know it when you hear it (unless you’re American or listen to mainstream music). It reminds me of the rain.


Reverent Dreams

“Swear fealty to me.”
She woke up
Gladly it never happened
Colors swarmed in the room
Aboard the special ship
Called Reverent Dreams

She continued
To craft things
She kept on going
Kept on building things full of life

On Reverant Dreams, special things showed
Like the colors of you and me
Amongst the stars
Until we reach the next station

The ship flew amongst the galaxy
Aboard 233 Lastway of the Day
Alone was an android
Wishing for a crew

He came upon Reverant Dreams
And saw someone there
Hesitant to reach the colors, the android leapt from the ship’s hold

The stars thunder and toil away
The nebulae shifts
The ship continues its journey
Towards the sky and the unknown future

The captain with the colors
showed the android love
Like a parent comforting
She took him away on Reverent Dreams

She took him to a new world


Author Notes: I saw a prompt on about the names of ships in the Culture novels and I said to myself, “hey, those sounds like Halo ships! The author is referencing Halo~! Cool! I gotta tell somebody!” And left a comment about it (not too long ago). But delving deeper (thank you Google) I found out it was Halo making the reference to the Culture novels, not the other way around. See what happens when you don’t have all dem facts? Really interesting…
After reading it thoroughly and finding out the author is sick, I decided to write this tribute poem. I have no idea what the Culture novels are like, but I gave the ship a weirdly poetic name as stated in the prompt. I wrote this to the melody of the song Cycle by Kukui (Haruka Shimotsuki and Myu). The phrase in the beginning part is a reference to Game of Thrones season 2 episode 5 (that episode with Theon and Bran).


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