What Happened to Overstrike?

20130528-162407.jpgWhat Happened to Overstrike?

Guess what demo I just played? Overstrike–I mean–Fuse. You know, I was super happy when I saw the trailer for Overstrike because it looked like a fun shooter that I could play with my family. When I heard it got turned into FUSE and saw the trailer…I died on the inside.
“Another damn shooter?”
Why did they change it? They changed it because of stupid-ass people asking for a “real shooter.” They actually LISTENED to their fans and listening to your fans can be good or bad depending on the situation. In Overstrike’s case: it was bad and good. (They also said they changed the game because the weapons didn’t feel right). Everything is too damn realistic already. When will we leave this awful realistic age?
And you know what people are doing now? They’re complaining because it looks TOO REALISTIC.

**shaking my head**

Ruddy society.
Okay, I’m done being mad now.
Do you know what I prefer? I prefer Overstrike instead of FUSE because Overstrike was the closest thing to Insomniac’s vision of a Ratchet and Clank with adults. It was their DREAM and I’m sure they enjoyed crafting it. I for one love the cartoony feeling. Because they changed it, the game strayed from their dream and now it looks like a game that everyone (but me) is calling generic. Why aren’t I judging FUSE and saying it looks generic? I’m not calling it that because it is actually FUN. I played the demo and although the characters aren’t playful like the original, it’s still a fun ride.
I just hope the full game doesn’t have needless 10-minute-long firefights like Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

And I’m mad about all of the sub-par sequels we have in the world. Halo, Resistance, you have let me down. Review of those to-come.

Fuse came out today. Do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to BUY it when my funds replenish. Heck yeah!


I’m excited~
To all you people not buying it because it looks like all the other shooters: fess up and try it out before you judge it and quit your whining.


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