Internal News from My Side of the World (and Update 10, 11, 12)


News #1

Update 10, 11 and 12 of Dragons and Cicadas is out. I know I am long overdue to post about this, but everything has me tangled. A super long blog post was written and prepared about this update and The Dragonboys, but I couldn’t stand to post it.

Update 10 includes changes to Imp Empress thanks to reader feedback
Ashuton’s inner story about his days in the Juice Trade was added
There are Oshidoshi poems, and then there are no Oshidoshi poems
June and Chance have their chapters added
Continuity errors in The Definitive Guide to Space Dragons were corrected and the guide was revamped a little bit
Anatomy of a Dragon was added
A new prologue for War of the Space Dragons

Update 11 revamps the Dragon’s War mini stories in War of the Space Dragons. These revamps give more detail into the story. Don’t worry, the original versions are still there! Desperation of an Italian Dragon was added and more new chapters for The Dragonboys. Imp Empress was also revamped a little bit.

Update 12 adds a bunch of new stuff like:

*Siletero’s backstory in A Family You Call Broken
*The Dragonboys is fully complete and now has Overture’s backstory along with Luccini’s backstory, so now its a novel about all three of them, not just Chance. It also reads like a story collection~! Plus one for that!
*Tuskeegee Airdragons, the Dragon Dating Game, Son of Hawks, Fashionista, two new poetry collections, the full version of Jeremiah’s Song and a lot of other stuff was added for this update. Woo hoo!

Readers on Amazon can get this update, but readers on Smashwords will have to wait a little while longer. And I plan to put a hold on these updates so I can focus more on the magazine series. The revamp of the first issue will become free very soon~!

News #2:

I have updated La Cicala di Italia with the new content from Dragons and Cicadas. The revamped version is already on Smashwords and being processed on Amazon. It also has a new cover, too! This is the first step in my return to writing TSODR magazine. I call it the TSODR Restoration Project. All of the current 50 issues, including that so-called 12-12-12, are going to be revamped to include the new format circa Dragons and Cicadas Update 11 (or was it 12? ). Exabyte Lande is the second issue going through this, and next will be Sex Cicada and the Righteous Kingdom of Albanny and Dragon Prince and the Dancer (my second-most popular after I took down Love of the Italian Dragon because of the reviews).

Speaking of Italian Dragon, the revamped issue will NOT include the 500 pages extracted from Dragons and Cicadas. Instead it will have three mini collections and a forewarning that you MUST read the first issue or you won’t understand ship (I used ship instead of sh*t). The reviews it got were mostly from people whom didn’t understand it because it wasn’t the first issue, and it was a free book when really the first issue of TSODR should have been the free book, not tLoaID. Plus it was in the Romance genre. I put it in that genre because of the Ashuton/Narcissus love stories in the book.

Those reviews were what made me stick to updating Dragons and Cicadas and I was inching towards canceling the series for a while (and then that EVENT pushed me over the edge to cancel it completely). I’m going to start republishing the series because that is my passion (that and Dragons and Cicadas, and drawing, and anime, and Japan).

News #3:

I am officially a Shikata fan. Ahih Rei-Yah is my favorite from her. Its so vocal-heavy and full of folk loveliness! I made it an unofficial second theme for Seraphina and Aaron. I read that her songs can include up to 200 vocal tracks! That’s why she sounds like a one-woman choir! Awesome!

Top image is Your Bus Stop by VardasTouch. I think I’ll make a flash story out of it.


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