Review: Marmotica by Rekka Katakiri (CLOSED/UNDERGROUND)

Front cover of Marmotica by Rekka Katakiri
Front cover of Marmotica by Rekka Katakiri

The Marmotica Series is a series of experimental music CDs that are self published by Rekka Katakiri from her doujinshi circle, CLOSED/UNDERGROUND. The Marmotica series varies in style with each CD but they all seem to have a common theme: awesome rock music. This mini album/Doujinshi CD is where Rekka’s magic with rock music shines. This is actually the third Marmotica album I have heard. The first I heard was Marmotica B. Below is the review and my thoughts on each of the five songs.


威風漸進 (Track 1): this song opens up with a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-style low guitar riff. The guitars in this song play in perfect harmony to deliver a creepy horror and thriller film music video feeling to this song. I like the drums in this song and I like how the guitars are doubled. You can hear it, it sounds like two guitars are playing the same riff at once. you can hear it at 1:19 and 2:44.

幻想の華音 (Track 2): this track is fantastic and so moody! The guitars in the beginning sounded so familiar that I had to Continue reading “Review: Marmotica by Rekka Katakiri (CLOSED/UNDERGROUND)”

Review: Marmotica by Rekka Katakiri (CLOSED/UNDERGROUND)

Interview with Adrienne Wilder, The Urban Fantasy Author!

Today I interview another indie author – Adrienne Wilder, author of the urban fantasy dragon series Darwin’s Theory, Gray Zone and City of Dragons. She’s also the author of the Others Series, the God Code series and the book JACK. If I remember correctly, I found out about her City of Dragons book when I was searching “Dragons of Atlanta” because I wanted to see if anyone else wrote a ‘dragons in Atlanta’ story like I did. I tried reading it recently but I couldn’t finish it. Novels and I really don’t get along :/

Enough of my rambling. Below is the interview in all its glory!

Adrienne for theinternet0009


When did you first begin writing City of Dragons/Darwin’s Theory (or whichever books you want to talk about)? What were your inspirations?

Most of the books I have written were started a while ago, I just never finished/published them. I have hyper creativity, so my inspiration can be anything from a dream to a salt shaker. Basically my ideas have a weird way of forming that often makes no sense. Keeps things interesting.

When did you first fall in love with dragons.

According to my mother I was 3. I escaped her arms at the showing of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon and ran down the aisle screaming “Don’t hurt my friend.”

Which scene was the hardest to write?

If you mean hard by difficult to construct? I don’t really have an answer because those kinds of things usually fall into place without me really even realizing it. As for a scene that was difficult due to content, I’d say a very large portion of the book JACK (a contemporary) would fit that bill.

Did your writing ever bring you to tears?

I am embarrassed to say, yes. Many times. I’m a sap.

What are your fondest memories of writing the book(s)?

Usually the actual writing of the story. That’s when I often go away in my head.

How has e-Publishing changed your life? Continue reading “Interview with Adrienne Wilder, The Urban Fantasy Author!”

Interview with Adrienne Wilder, The Urban Fantasy Author!

Interview with Diane Astle, Author of Ben the Dragonborn



Hello everyone! I bring you my very first interview with an indie author! Her name is Diane Astle, author of Ben the Dragonborn. I had the pleasure of meeting her in a dragon group I moderate. I love helping and I wanted to help her with exposure of her children’s book, Ben the Dragonborn. The interview is right below this paragraph!


When did you first start writing Ben the Dragonborn?

It is hard to believe that I started writing Ben the Dragonborn 14 years ago. I had not yet read Harry Potter and I had never heard of Skyrim when I started to write. When I started I was not fulfilling a life-long dream. While I had thought it might be cool to write, I never thought I would, so I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about doing so. I had learning Continue reading “Interview with Diane Astle, Author of Ben the Dragonborn”

Interview with Diane Astle, Author of Ben the Dragonborn

App Review: Secret Society by G5 Games

Its my first post in a long while and this post is a game review. One thing was really searching for after giving up Hidden Chronicles was a good hidden objects game that came close to that one in terms of quality.

Well, I found that in Secret Society, a game developed by MyTona and released by G5 Games. Immediately I was drawn into it. It has good graphics, a good storyline and can be addicting and best of all: it is a mobile game.

what sets it apart from other games is that it is easy to play and has a clean interface. One thing I look for when plying games is a clean user interface. It’s a reason why I haven’t played many RPGs and JRPGs except Fallout 3 and the Final Fantasy Lightning game (I think that’s FF 20). Many online games have clunky and horrible interfaces that get in the way of gameplay. This one doesn’t. Did I mention it is mobile?

I tried other hidden object games like Hidden Manor and G5’s other hidden object games. None of them can compare to Secret Society in ease of use and engagement.

If you are looking for a good hidden object game, do yourself a favor and download Secret Society. It is free and worth your time.


App Review: Secret Society by G5 Games