App Review: Secret Society by G5 Games

Its my first post in a long while and this post is a game review. One thing was really searching for after giving up Hidden Chronicles was a good hidden objects game that came close to that one in terms of quality.

Well, I found that in Secret Society, a game developed by MyTona and released by G5 Games. Immediately I was drawn into it. It has good graphics, a good storyline and can be addicting and best of all: it is a mobile game.

what sets it apart from other games is that it is easy to play and has a clean interface. One thing I look for when plying games is a clean user interface. It’s a reason why I haven’t played many RPGs and JRPGs except Fallout 3 and the Final Fantasy Lightning game (I think that’s FF 20). Many online games have clunky and horrible interfaces that get in the way of gameplay. This one doesn’t. Did I mention it is mobile?

I tried other hidden object games like Hidden Manor and G5’s other hidden object games. None of them can compare to Secret Society in ease of use and engagement.

If you are looking for a good hidden object game, do yourself a favor and download Secret Society. It is free and worth your time.



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