Interview with Adrienne Wilder, The Urban Fantasy Author!

Today I interview another indie author – Adrienne Wilder, author of the urban fantasy dragon series Darwin’s Theory, Gray Zone and City of Dragons. She’s also the author of the Others Series, the God Code series and the book JACK. If I remember correctly, I found out about her City of Dragons book when I was searching “Dragons of Atlanta” because I wanted to see if anyone else wrote a ‘dragons in Atlanta’ story like I did. I tried reading it recently but I couldn’t finish it. Novels and I really don’t get along :/

Enough of my rambling. Below is the interview in all its glory!

Adrienne for theinternet0009


When did you first begin writing City of Dragons/Darwin’s Theory (or whichever books you want to talk about)? What were your inspirations?

Most of the books I have written were started a while ago, I just never finished/published them. I have hyper creativity, so my inspiration can be anything from a dream to a salt shaker. Basically my ideas have a weird way of forming that often makes no sense. Keeps things interesting.

When did you first fall in love with dragons.

According to my mother I was 3. I escaped her arms at the showing of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon and ran down the aisle screaming “Don’t hurt my friend.”

Which scene was the hardest to write?

If you mean hard by difficult to construct? I don’t really have an answer because those kinds of things usually fall into place without me really even realizing it. As for a scene that was difficult due to content, I’d say a very large portion of the book JACK (a contemporary) would fit that bill.

Did your writing ever bring you to tears?

I am embarrassed to say, yes. Many times. I’m a sap.

What are your fondest memories of writing the book(s)?

Usually the actual writing of the story. That’s when I often go away in my head.

How has e-Publishing changed your life?

It’s allowed me to write in a genre, and in a way, that I want too without having to fit a particular type of story ideal so that publishers will take an interest.

Have you ever considered blog/website serials?
No. I don’t have the discipline or the time.

Would you like to see fan fiction and Doujinshi (Japanese term for self published fan comics,
literary books, games and music) of your work?

I think anything like that is a great source of flattery and would be very honored.

Do you want your books’ fandom to be like My Little Pony’s Brony fanbase?
(Lots of fan music, games, animations, conventions and such)

I’m not sure to be honest. But I wouldn’t turn it down.

What is the most positive quote you ever heard?
Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. — Arnold H. Glasow

Would you like to see your book become a manga or graphic novel/comic book?

I have actually toyed with the idea of turning Darwin’s Theory into Yaoi. Sadly I do not (and never have had) the hand for line art. I can paint, but the ability to do manga (or any comic line art) takes a special talent. I done some tentative looking but I have not found an artist, who’s style I like and I can afford. I’ll have to wait until I have a lot more funds before taking on that task.

Have you ever read comic books or manga? If so, name your favorite ones and why.
I love Yaoi. My favorite is View Finder and The Crimson Spell

Are you a Brony?
I’m not. Sorry.

Do you make references to pop culture in your story?

How long did it take you to write your books?

Depends on the book. Some have taken me as little as a couple of weeks (JACK, WORTH, and DARWIN’S THEORY) Others as long as 15 months (the one I am getting ready to release now, My Brother’s Keeper, male romance horror.)

Are you a gamer? If so, name your favorite games and why?

I lack the hand eye coordination for gaming. I like arcade racing games on occasion but I only play them if they are at the movie theatre or something. Also, most of the games today are very involved and take a great amount of dedication. I don’t have the time to give to them.

Have you ever written a short story, a poem or flash fiction? Was it fun?

I have written a couple of poems in my time. But I don’t care for short stories or flash fiction. I don’t have enough time to get involved with the characters.

Do you like fan fiction?
I don’t have an opinion really. It’s just not something I have an interest in doing myself.

Do you plan on releasing a short story collection taking place in your world (or worlds)?

No. I don’t do short stories. Short stories, like line art, takes a particular kind of mind. I don’t have it. Writing novels is way easier than writing a short story because of how much you have to fit in a small number of words, vs. the freedom to work with 75,000 or more words.

Where do you get inspiration for your character names?

Sometimes the characters name themselves. Sometimes–especially in a contemporary–I often go through a name list and pick out ones I like.

If you listen to music while writing, what music do you listen to when you write? (Silence is also music).

Yes. Everything from Disturbed to God Smack to Imagine Dragons, to Marilyn Manson, and many, many more.

Do you plan to reach out into other genres?

Most of the stuff I write now goes across the genre board. I’ve written everything from Urban Fantasy, to Urban Sci-fi, to Contemporary, and horror. All the stuff I’ve written after the original City of Dragons books, does fall in (or around) the male romance genre.

Do you plan on publishing a lot of books in whichever series you are focusing on?

My next series that will be taking a lot of time is the Others Project. If I am able, yes, I plan on writing at least 5 in that series. Maybe more, depends. I still have books to finish in the City Of Dragons series and Darwin’s Theory, but so many people have loved The Others Project, it has sort of taken center stage until I get a few more of those written.

If so, tell us a little bit about what you have planned (but not too much unless you want to do a big reveal!)

I have a lot planned. Hopefully this year I will be releasing at least 5 new novels. A horror trilogy, My Brother’s Keeper, A contemporary, Complimentary Colors, and the second Others Project book, 13. I also have 2 books that I am regaining my rights back on from the publisher. Those will be repackaged and re-released with new covers.

Do you write or read poetry?
I have on occasion written a few, but I don’t really read it.

Do you have any advice for emerging writers? Anything besides “write what resonates with your heart.” Hopefully every writer knows that.

Make your writing space as comfortable as possible and with as few distractions as possible.
Always be open to improving your writing.
There is no such thing as a perfect book, nor should there be.
Try not to see mistakes or weaknesses as failures. They are learning opportunities.
And most importantly, be kind to others.

Trick question: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Falling Skies or other? (Basically a “name your favorite show” question)

I don’t watch TV.

Trick question: Thor or Loki? (Marvel Movie/comic versions or mythology versions)


Has writing ever gotten to the point where you felt like you wanted to give up? (Never give up!)

Absolutely. I’d say at least three times a day in fact.

(L’Poni here, interrupting for a moment. These next questions were intended for a character interview. I think I forgot to mention that. Sorry! orz)

What was the happiest moment of your life?
I honestly don’t know. There are too many for me to choose.

What is your favorite genre of movies and why?

Action. Because it’s action.

What is your favorite anime and why?
I don’t watch TV. I’ve caught some anime here and there, but not enough to have a favorite.

Does being alone on the world scare you?


If you could become a dragon, what would you do? (Might want to avoid this one. It may become a spoiler question)

1. Fly
2. Breathe fire
3. ?

If you were famous and got sick of it, what would you do?
I have no idea.

What is the fondest memory you have?
As I said above–to many to count.

What is the most horrible or traumatic memory you have?
I’d rather not say.

Do you play games? What is your definition of a hardcore gamer?
I don’t. Sorry.

Do you write Poetry (the expression of words upon feelings)?
As above, I’ve written a couple over the years.

Are you in school? If you are, what kind of school is it? Describe it.

Do you work? If so, where do you work? Describe it.
I work from home. I write.

What holidays do you celebrate and why?
I don’t celebrate any holidays.

Do you watch Meerkat Manor?
I don’t watch TV.

Trick question: CAW! or ROAR!
You got me. I have no clue.

Trick question: iPhone or Hologram Air Message Device?
Depends on which one is more difficult to work.

Trick question: Thor or Loki? Marvel or DC? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or the old girly My Little Pony?

I like the original My Little Ponies (from the 80’s) I used to have an extensive collection. I have sold most of it off and am down to only a couple hundred or so now.

Trick question: what is a Right Ventricular Failure?
Heart failure caused by an issue on the right side of the heart.

Trick question: Should people be allowed to use electronics while the plane is taking off?

I thought they did allow people to do this now.



And that’s all folks! This was FUN!


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