Review: Marmotica by Rekka Katakiri (CLOSED/UNDERGROUND)

Front cover of Marmotica by Rekka Katakiri
Front cover of Marmotica by Rekka Katakiri

The Marmotica Series is a series of experimental music CDs that are self published by Rekka Katakiri from her doujinshi circle, CLOSED/UNDERGROUND. The Marmotica series varies in style with each CD but they all seem to have a common theme: awesome rock music. This mini album/Doujinshi CD is where Rekka’s magic with rock music shines. This is actually the third Marmotica album I have heard. The first I heard was Marmotica B. Below is the review and my thoughts on each of the five songs.


威風漸進 (Track 1): this song opens up with a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-style low guitar riff. The guitars in this song play in perfect harmony to deliver a creepy horror and thriller film music video feeling to this song. I like the drums in this song and I like how the guitars are doubled. You can hear it, it sounds like two guitars are playing the same riff at once. you can hear it at 1:19 and 2:44.

幻想の華音 (Track 2): this track is fantastic and so moody! The guitars in the beginning sounded so familiar that I had to scan through my songs to find that one particular song that 幻想の華音 reminded me of. I found it: In the House, In a Heartbeat. The lone guitars in the beginning of this song sound like they would go great in that song. What I love most about this song is the guitar melody (after those lovely lone guitars) and Rekka’s lonesome singing. Her, accompanied with that guitar melody that continues throughout the song paint the perfect mood for this song: a lonely person stuck in a daily loop of time. Because of those feelings that I got from this song, I made “The Disappearance of Bill McQuick.” I also like the rushing sounds. It gives a sense of urgency.

威風漸進、果ての先へ (Track 3): this is a remix (by Morrigan?) of the first track. Now THIS is my second favorite track off the album. Why? It reminds me of the days I spend sitting in front of my TV immersing myself in video games. It also reminds me of a Sci Fi Hackers in Video Game Land anime. It’s so fast paced and serious-sounding with those guitars! And I love how Rekka’s voice is in scatters. If you want a song to work out to on the treadmill, definitely listen to this one. And there’s a PIANO! Perfect! I can sing along with this because there’s something about Rekka’s voice that makes this so dang catchy! She can sing!

幻想の華音、散り逝く君 (Track 4): this is a remix of the Bill McQuick song (I have no idea what it’s romanized title is so I call it the Bill McQuick song). I love love love the calm acoustic guitars in this song. Those guitars remind me of Eaudelamer by Ataraxia, which also uses guitars in a similar and calm melody like this song. I also love how the guitars gradually pick up in seriousness (I can’t describe it!) and…did I mention Rekka’s voice? The lady is an angel. How does she sing in that Moe Kawaii voice? I can sing like that but I can’t hit high notes like she can.

はやぶさ (Track 5): what Marmotica album isn’t complete without its calm dreamy song? I notice that every Marmotica album has a soft, dreamy ending (or middle) song. This Marmotica has はやぶさ, Marmotica B has Sakura, Marmotica E has Rin Roh Hazama De and Marmotica D had KAGOME to KAGOME. I can’t comment on Marmotica C because I haven’t heard it all the way through. In this song Rekka uses her lovely Moe Kawaii voice. I really like the lullabye-ish sounds. The wind sounds accompanied by Rekka’s voice make this track sound very dreamy, ethereal and VERY STRANGE. That strange feeling…it’s like she’s saying goodbye to the world. I like the “La Na La” she sings in the song. I wish this track were longer but if it were longer it wouldn’t be an ending song. She should revisit this song in another Marmotica.


Overall rating: 5/5 dude!


Now to make this Doujinshi mini album more complete is a lyrics translation. I love this series of albums so much that I want to fund Rekka for Marmotica F all the way to Z but sadly I have no money. This series has inspired me to write Drabbles and poems in an alphabet chapbook series I will call “Parade.”

You cannot stream Marmotica or any Japanese Doujinshi music on Spotifly and Pandora (sadly. But you can stream it on, the Chinese equivalent. Here is Rekka’s page on there:


Marmotica Tracklist:

1. 威風漸進
2. 幻想の華音
3. remix- 威風漸進、果ての先へ
4. 幻想の華音、散り逝く君
5. はやぶさ



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