Thor: The Dark World Review (Better than the first!)

Originally posted to my official website on November 17, 2013


I saw this movie in 3D the day after it came out. I, being a Marvel fan since The Avengers, enjoyed this movie so much. My feelings of happiness about this movie are in a flurry, so let me gather my thoughts.


The roles were well played. I loved Chris Hemsworth as Thor (the role suits him well) and Tom Hiddleston was superb as Loki. In fact, I don’t want to see no other actor playing Loki except Mr. Hiddleston. So if someone makes a film based on Norse Mythology, it would be hard for me to see another actor playing a Loki role (except that guy on the show Vikings).


Everything in this movie felt in place and I couldn’t spot any CGI inaccuracies of any kind (although wearing 3D glasses on top of regular glasses made it hard to look for inaccuracies. That and the amazing visuals and acting).

Buuuuutttt I could tell the Dark Elf soldiers were in costume but who cares?! I enjoyed everything anyway.

Plus the cosmic nebulae effects were downright awesome. Beautiful. Breathtaking.

Plus the visuals during the Nighttime Candle scene in Asgard was jaw dropping. I bet that took three months to render on the computer.

I wish we could have seen more f the Nine Realms.


I wasn’t paying attention that much. It’s mostly heroic type music. Big orchestra stuff. The only piece that stuck out at me was a sad tune that plays in the middle of the movie (you’ll know which one). I think the Indie music of Rekka Katakiri fits this movie. She uses an archaic style mixed with Sci Fi sounds in her music that I imagined hearing in this movie.



The camera angles were perfect and projected the right amount of emotions when need be. The voices could be heard clearly, the sound effects were great and nothing felt out of place.



The biggest determining factor was the plot. In all honesty, I will give the plot a B. It has a better plot than the first Thor (by 20%) but for some reason it felt like it was missing something. However the rest of the movie’s qualities make up for the plot, so you hardly feel like anything is missing.



I didn’t feel much sadness a certain character died mostly because I hardly knew the character. I haven’t connected with the character like how I connected with Thor and Loki. In fact, I enjoyed every scene with Loki. I’d love to see a whole film dedicated to the charismatic psycho antihero and his wild antics (with Thor playing second fiddle, of course).

I wish the Dark Elves had more of a purpose instead of WISHING FOR DARKNESS. Something that wold make them more understandable. Something like “darkness is the key to our survival. It contains certain elements that keep us alive. We are dying but we do not want to die yet, so let us feed from the darkness by unleashing the Aether.”

Something like that. Survival mechanism. Every bad guy has to have motivation that stems from either survival or something from the past. That is just my opinion.

Darcy needed more screen time.

Loki needed more screen time 😉

Other than those feelings, it was a damn good movie.



During the movie I started thinking about how Loki could have a love interest. Highly impossible but possible. And then I thought “she should be African. Wait…dark skinned Aesir are not called African in Asgard.” And then I thought, “She should be a dragon!” I kept that thought until the end of the film and turned it into a story (click here to read it). I based the dragon aspect off the Norse dragon Nidhogg. It’s a suggestion that hopefully Marvel will use. As a black girl, I’d like to see a (African American/African) dark skinned lady become the partner-turned-love-interest of the most popular and complex trickster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



THIS! I knew to stay put when the credits started rolling. I will not say much because of spoilers but I can say that, as a fan of the comics, I was screaming in joy on the inside. And was it me or did it feel like I was watching another movie during the mid credits scene?

Sadly, I did not stay to watch the post credits scene because I did not know there was a post credits scene. *facepalm*

After watching this movie, I checked out about eight hardcover Marvel comic books from the library. I will immerse myself further in the world of Marvel.


My rating: A+ (another + because of Loki)


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