Talking Sunday: The Ending of Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL (No Spoilers!)


One anime I’ve come across has grabbed me by the heart strings and has never let me go. That anime is Yu Gi Oh! ZEXAL. Damn, what a good show.

I’ve been watching ZEXAL for some time now, devoting my life to it (I think). I started with the English dub at episode 98 and at first I thought the voices were typical corny anime dub voices but I was instantly pulled in and set it on automatic record. Since then I’ve been obsessing with the show and have fallen in love with it, especially Yuma and Astral.

I didn’t feel like waiting for the next episode so to bide my time I went and watched the first three episodes in English and the next five episodes in Japanese. I was amazed by the Japanese dub. The character’s voices were awesome (although Yuma’s voice felt a little old for his age I still loved it). Now I love both the English dub and Japanese dub and I’m catching up on episodes by watching the original (Japanese) version. I was amazed and shocked at how things were changed, censored and dumbed down. Then again, 4Kids always censors stuff (look at how they butchered Winx Club. Their dub is still my favorite but dayum 4Kids, did you have to be so drastic?). I’ll talk about that in another post (The Censorship of Yu Gi Oh ZEXAL).

What I want to talk about is the feeling of shock I felt when I found out (thanks Wikipedia/Wikia! *sarcasm*) Zexal was coming to an end and that Yuma had an ultimatum and must battle with Astral. And then he tells him not to leave him and that he’s his everything. Oh god, why? Why must they duel each other? Is this some sick Master x Teacher death ending?!?!?!?!? I was saddened to know it was ending. I was even more sad to know about Yuma VS Astral and the price they would both have to pay. I was so sad to know that no more episodes were being produced. It was going to finish.

Then I remembered the dub is still going but that has…like…40 episodes left. The thought of leaving the world of Yuma and Astral, never going on another adventure with them, is unbearable. It’s unbearable! 146 episodes is NOT ENOUGH!!!

*sigh* I guess like all good things, Zexal has to end. I don’t understand why some Yu Gi Oh fans dislike this series. It’s fantastic! It reminds me of the original Pokemon. Sure it has its ups and downs but its a good show. I wish everyone could be captivated by Yuma and Astral. **sigh~**

Now I’m in the process of making AMVs and drawing Keyshipping (Astral x Yuma) Doujinshi. That’s how far I’ve fallen into the Zexal grasp. The upcoming Arc-V BETTER be as good as Zexal and it BETTER have its own version of Astral. That blue guy has to be the third or fourth anime guy that I so desire to hug and keep in my room forever in real life.

Today I decided to snag the final episode for an AMV I am making and I cried. I didn’t watch it all but when I was clipping and trimming clips I saw what was happening. OH MY GOD NOBODY KNOWS how horrible and heart warming and upset I feel. I was on the verge of tears. I had to stop watching and stop the AMV to talk about this.

Character development is noticeable in this series than it is in Pokemon and Digimon (GASP! Yes I said it! But I mean Pokemon and Digimon’s newer seasons, not the original). In the beginning Yuma disregarded Astral and Astral barley showed emotions. In the later episodes we see them acting as true friends. Astral shows emotions and Yuma follows his advice and is protective of him. Seeing that last episode was like a stab in the heart. I won’t spoil it for anyone planning to watch it. Luckily the episode has another twist so you aren’t completely left with a sad heart (its a kid/teenager show, anyway. They can’t be too depressing). There were no subs when I was watching so I don’t know what is actually happening in the ending but I can tell it wasn’t going to leave me feeling sad.

If you are a first time watcher of ZEXAL, do expect lots of plot twists and the most adorable-looking characters you’ll want to take home and keep in your room forever. Do not give up on this anime, please.

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On a side note, the song I designate for Keyshipping–Yuma x Astral’s relationship–is Rules of Legal Love by Ariane Moffatt mostly because of its lyrics and how slow it sounds. The various sounds in the song remind me of Yuma and Astral and the melody and sounds put together can remond us of all their trials, tribulations and heartwarming moments. Right now I have the song playing in my head as I write this. It’s hard not to think about the ending as the song plays.

Well done, Yu Gi Oh! ZEXAL. Well done. Now I will finish watching the series as a whole and make more AMVs to it. Not even My Little Pony made me feel this sad. Heck, not even my own WORLD has adorable characters like Astral and Yuma…I think. I don’t know. Maybe it does. I don’t care right now. I’m trying to get over the feels. I hope this doesn’t make my Ma cry.

I should note I prefer pronouncing the title as ZEXAL although its pronounced as Zeal. Zexal sounds more futuristic like the show’s setting.

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They are so cute! *sobs!*

My readers, please tell me is there another anime like Yu Gi Oh! ZEXAL? If so, Does it have memorable characters and emotional moments? Double points if most of the characters are boys like in ZEXAL.



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