Revamping Progress

Today I am pulling all content from the D&C document and I’m now realizing how much shit (I use that word lovingly) I wrote. Seriously. It’s a lot and I CANNOT believe I unleashed all of THAT upon the world. I need to trim it and FAST o_o I haven’t a clue what to cut but God/Jesus will help me figure it out.

I keep thinking about my time away from here and the friends I’ve made. Is it bad that people on the internet scare me?? I told myself “nobody can hurt you. If anything happens (and nothing will) you have your close friends and family to help you.”

I have them to help me, so that makes me feel better and I am able to work easier.

Anyways, I’m glad to be writing on this blog again. It feels like my second home. No other place feels like that. Right now I’m still pulling content from the book and will then begin drawing something or playing with music apps to make a TSODR album 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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