Candy (A Flash Fic A Day #4.5)

“Hi! My name is S–!!”

“I immediately don’t care.”

Mr. Grumpy Wuss was stuck on a bullet train with a kid who never ever shut his mouth. The commute to his ten-year-old job was a long one. Long and arduous with this kid.

The boy went on and on about candy and “the joys of candy creation” and how candy was LIVING. Either this kid was high off horror video games or he was truly a nut. Mr. Grumpy Wuss was vocal about his hatred of candy.

Unhealthy, mind-controlling cholesterol-raising POISON!

Candy is not real

Candy cannot speak

Candy does not have a visage

Nor a heart.

The boy hated people like Grumpy Wuss. Candy is real.

However…those who don’t believe never truly see the Candy God’s light.

This world is nothing but candy. Soda and lollipops, gummy worms and chocolate bars. Mr. Grumpy Wuss was surrounded and forced to eat.

An old man doesn’t last long on sugar alone.

The boy’s haughty laugh echoes inside Grump Wuss’s head. An “I told you so!!” meant to poke fun at his stupidity.

Gummy worms crawl through the old man’s nose and push his eyes out.

His blood, once metallic and bland, becomes rich maple syrup that drizzles upon the ground.

His skin is now like the outer layer of those stretchy sour candies.

The green-haired boy feasts—and what a feast it is!

Context: Ugh I am almost late again. I forgot today’s story so I whipped up this quick poetic gem. The boy and Grumpy Wuss will be back again ^.^

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