It was at this moment Poni knew…she flucked up

Yes…I know I skipped yesterday’s story. The reason being:

a) I forgot and it was late. I don’t want to be late again.

b) I lost interest.

The last point about losing interest is important. I intended to write stories taking place in my dragon universe but somehow that didn’t happen. I needed a THEME—a single universe; like that Steven Universe fic I made. If Steven Universe was the theme I could’ve done a bunch of flash fics on that. I could’ve used prompts better. So guess what I’m doing now?

I’m going to try again next month. I will have a theme too. The stories will star characters from Syncsrithia, a m/m dragon story I’m creating. Also I’m starting Sicaria: a serial novel told through poetry. It’ll be about Sylvio and Josh (finally).

Also these stories will be going onto Wattpad. I was thinking “how do I get my stories to a wider audience???” because Facebook and Twitter don’t do a damn thing for me at the moment. Then it came to me! WATTPAD! It’s perfect ❤ kinda…if I market and promote right.

So to reiterate, I’m moving next month’s flash stories and all forthcoming stories to Wattpad. My username there is thedrsgongoddess.

I’ll still post stories here but they’ll most likely be excerpts. This blog doesn’t see much action, even with me back on it, and for it to see action I need to expand my audience. Wattpad is the place for that. (It sucks a lot less than

Remember, my Wattpad is

I won’t be changing it to Oshidoshi. I like my dragon username too much.


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