Going back to Wattpad today had the unexpected re-emergence of an old fond memory. Back when I was a budding teen author before I spent my hiatus on Instagram I was an avid user of Quotev and Wattpad. I didn’t use Quotev for long since I disliked the clunky interface but the site does have a (small) place in my heart. It introduced me to the only Internet-posted original fiction story that I’d ever read in full (or in its case, up to the chapter before it was deleted).

That story is My Bloody Little Kitty.

Fuck, even the name makes me want to read some emo stories in hopes of finding one like that.

Yes the story had problems that some stories written by teens have (like word play or in some places a dry use of words) but it flowed nicely! Flow is incredibly important and the flow and pacing of the story is what kept me hooked. There weren’t a lot of useless descriptions either. It was straight and to-the-freaking-point. It flowed well.

My problem with most books is they take their sweet-ass time on descriptions and shit (excuse my French!) but not Meghan’s story. It was to the point, descriptions were minimal but you are able to visualize things. The chapters are short too which is good for someone like me: a person who clicks out with long stuff. The whole story was amazing and lusty and, if I remember correctly, sweet.

Meghan wrote a gem.

I loved Parker, the red-head Sawyer and the green-haired Wolf. I loved Sawyer’s protective possessiveness over Parker. I love the love triangle that was being set up before our eyes and threatened to break apart the Sawyer X Parker ship.

Then, one day, the story was gone.

Gone. Deleted.

Meghan’s profile was deleted too.

I lamented and hoped Meghan would return. It’s been 3 years and she hasn’t. The story was reposted on Wattpad by someone else but only the first two chapters are there. I and (after reading the comments on Wattpad) many others want this story to return. I personally don’t care if it’s unable to be completed. Don’t stress yourself if you lost interest, Meghan. I want all 21 (or 23?) chapters and any unfinished chapters to be posted back on the internet again so I can read it and enjoy it. If you finish it that makes it even better.

Meghan, if you’re reading this, please please PLEASE bring this story back. If you’re afraid to, use a pen name and pretend you know the author! It’s better to be yourself though because your fans outnumber the haters.

If you know Meghan could you please pass this onto her? I’m praying for this story’s return. Is she well?? Is she still alive?

If you are her parents, your daughter is a wonderful writer!!

Meghan, if you’re considering turning My Bloody Little Kitty into a real book through self publishing, please don’t change it too much. Don’t add words in or do those awful long rambling descriptions that authors do. Or do what you think is right.

I know there’s a remake of this story called Cheshire. I read the first chapter and it doesn’t flow as well as Meghan’s story and it has rambling descriptions in some places. I only read (or skimmed) chapter 1 and it couldn’t hold me.

Also, It changed Parker’s name to Aiden. To me that also ruined it. Names are important. Parker sounds like a baby name; a name for someone in the process of growing up. Aiden sounds like the name of someone growing up and into themselves. That name wasn’t suitable for Parker whom is basically a baby in the story. He’s so innocent and he’s still growing up.

Lastly, the picture for him didn’t fit how he acts.

I’m sure the story has some good points, though and if you’re curious go read it. I might if I can focus my attention onto it.

I want to do my own remake of My Bloody Little Kitty. When I complete some of my writing projects I totally will. Maybe I’ll even add my own characters in place of Parker, Sawyer and Wolf so I won’t lose interest in writing it. I’m thinking Sylvio, Josh and a young version of Prince Dragon will do.

Meghan, if you’re out there, please bring your story back. There are nostalgic fans dying to read it. Even if it’s the initial 21 chapters.

Please ;-;


3 thoughts on “My Bloody Little Kitty – A Story that Needs to Come Back

  1. I’m in tears right now. My words will make no sense. I don’t know if you’ll see them. I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but…
    I’m Meghan.
    I have no way to prove who I am, but I don’t really need to. I just need to thank you. This post is everything I needed, & right now is exactly when I needed to find it. For the past however many goddamn wasted years, I’ve been fighting against suicide. Mental illness has robbed me of my passions & aspirations, leaving me hollow. I’ve been lifeless, empty, & numb for so long. & this post is excruciating. It hurts! It fucking hurts! I’m so grateful!!!
    I can’t thank you enough. There’s a fire inside of me that I’ve never felt. After all these years spent in fear of the world, I’m ready to face it again. I don’t know what bliss this is, but it feels like a beginning. I feel like you’ve pulled me off the edge of the bridge; you’ve lifted the razor off my skin; you’ve knocked the pills out of my hands. You’ve fucking turned back time.
    I’m not a wasted life. I’m not an illness. I’m not an obituary.
    I’m a writer, dammit.
    & you made me realize my purpose in this world.

    I’ll try to hunt down my old MBLK files to repost for you. :3
    Tell me your name, my angel, because everything in my life from this point is dedicated to you.
    & I will be sharing some of my new stories in the near future. I’ll let you know when I do.

    Again… I can’t express how much this means to me. Just know my gratitude is eternal. xox

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    1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA YAAAASSSS!!!! I believe you! I believe you are Meghan!!! I am shocked and happy that I helped bring you happiness!!! I got so excited that I couldn’t leave a reply when I saw this. I had to take time to cool down. I didn’t think my blog post would actually reach you! This is amazing!

      Your purpose is to be a writer! You’ve made me and many others happy with your story. That is your purpose in life: to write amazing stories and share your creativity with the world!

      I’ll be waiting to revisit MBLK! My name is Nana! 😀


    2. Meghan? It’s been a while. I don’t know if you receive notifications but if you can’t finish the story it might be better to script out where it was going to go. Its better than writing all the prose and such. Also, how are you feeling?


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