Haruka Shimotsuki/tieLeaf’s New Album and some other ramblings

It seems nobody (except maybe some people on discussion forums) are talking about Haruka Shimotsuki’s new albums (her doujin albums specifically). I guess I’ll have to be that person that informs the general audience of her stuff.

I’m a big Shimotsuki fan. Been one since I was 13. I want to help fans old and new find her stuff in one simple place. You ready? Let’s go!

  • Recent 10th anniversary stuff: Shimotsuki recently had an anniversary tour. With it she released 3 albums that are compilations of her past popular songs from games, anime and doujin works. You can see this stuff on her website where she has Amazon.jp links.
  • Another Flower 2: this release is her second collaboration with Absolute Castaway. I was expecting at least one jazzy song from the album but if I remember correctly there wasn’t :/
  • Butterfly and Lanje Compilations: nothing new to see here! These albums are compilations. I think there might be (1) new song. I can’t remember. These are still cool to have if you’re a collector of her music. (I prefer having individual albums/singles too bc album art!!! and instrumentals :D)
  • un secret: this is a single for a video game. It’s also part of the 10th anniversary event.
  • Kingdom of the Fallen Wings / Tsubasa Furu no Okoku (翼の降る王国): this is the one I’m most excited about. Despite it not sounding like tieLeaf’s first album (and all of Shimotsuki’s old stuff which combined synths and fantasy sounds) I’m still excited for it. It’s album cover is nice and features a character from a previous tieLeaf release (it was 捻子巻く月vol.0/Neji Maku Tsuki Vol. 0). This is the album cover:


Isn’t it pretty? Click the image to view full size! This is its website: http://nejimaku.com/sp/tsubasa/index.html

After listening to the samples, it sounds exactly like shimotsuki’s new stuff, which I find slightly disapointing. ever since Lip Aura her doujin music all sounds the same and uses the same instruments: studio drums, violin, piano, a bass with a specific sound and a guitar. It’s nice and all but every song sounds like this. The reason why i liked Lanje (the first single) was because it had none of those. It sounded like her old music from her beginning years (Ashiato Rhythm, Maple Leaf Box, her works with Kukui). Back in the day her music had a fantasy/medieval sound that wasn’t restricted to just those instruments. She used electronic and ethereal sounds very well that it sounded like music you’d hear in …a video game? I don’t know.

Nowadays her musical sounds are restricted to those same instruments I listed above. Listen to Tsukioi no Toshi and her latest Lag Quara album. I noticed her style changed around Lip Aura. Perhaps she loved the sound of that album? Surprisingly, Lip aura had the fantasy and ethereal sounds of her older music (fantasy drums were especially present in its second song on the album).

Crap, I think I’ve done enough rambling. Despite all of that I love her new music. I just wish she’d go back to the old style of her older works. I hope to God/Jesus she hasn’t outgrown that phase. If you listen to Arculd by LUNA*RUMA you’ll notice their sound is EXACTLY like Haruka shimotsuki’s old music. I’ll try to upload that one on YouTube for fans to enjoy because I’m not sure it can be found anywhere.

We’re pretty much at the end of the new album stuff. I like tracks 3, 5 and 6 on her new tieLeaf album. It has a tin flute and I think I hear some fantasy druuuuums 😀

Sorry I rambled so much about her music. I might make a separate post for that. I just wanted to share info about her new stuff so anyone who doesn’t know Japanese and live on a discussion forum can know what’s going on. I plan on making a post like this for Rekka Katakiri and maybe other rare artists I like.

Thanks for reading!
~ Poni

Haruka Shimotsuki/tieLeaf’s New Album and some other ramblings


This This THIS. It is important.

Writing While Human

I’m going to say something, and it is astounding to me that this is controversial: creative people should be paid for their work.

Writers. Artists. Speakers. Bloggers. Film makers. Sculptors. Musicians. Graphic designers. Actors. Directors. Set designers. Textile artists. Landscapers. All of them.

I’ve heard the most assinine reasons given for why these people should NOT be paid. Most of the time it’s “exposure!” Translation: everyone will see your work here and will want to hire you for other work! Which is ridiculous, because no other industry works like that. Imagine seeing these ads …

“Design a database for one of our clients and you’ll be added to our list of database developers. Our website sees tons of traffic, and they will all see your name! EXPOSURE!”

“Teach in our school for a semester and parents will be clamoring for their school to hire you for real! EXPOSURE!”

“Work for…

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