A Flash Fiction a Day #5: President Ficus and the Downward Spiral

You are a president of your own land
You raise the taxes
You destroy private schools and put everyone in public school
At lunch you hold a meeting with congress

“I’m taking over this game!”

People riot but your supporters scream back in fluffy horror
Spectators soon flee to the other side of the world’s garden
Your sister visits to talk some sense into you—to come home for a vacation and eat
but you can’t help but continue your presidential duties while you’re there
Even when you’re standing by the wall you can’t resist messaging others from your smartphone

Perhaps the cold gunshot in your arm will convince you.

You fire back with your hose
The tea is getting cold and your friends from Congress are bored

You change many laws, tell rich people they can’t pay taxes
and tell the poor to fuck off with their porridge.

The country is in shambles and the people are angry
How can you be impervious to impeachment???
Soon you realize it:
They like you
They’re having fun
You’re too good at this game
The presidency is your throne to reign supreme diabolical

BUT WAIT! You have not carried out your duties well. The other countries want to war with you.

Your sister has given up;
on you
on the country

Without her counsel the world falls
/your/ war fails

“Mother…am I crazy?” You ask her at her grave. “Should I have gotten checked?”
There’s no response
just the ghostly howl of the wind in midday
(She isn’t really dead)

Maybe death is an option
It is possible to end this game

The other countries continue to knock at your door
They mow your cities with airplanes, nuclear bombs and tanks
You’ve only been in office for two years
but that was enough time to run America into the ground

Millions lay dead on the burning husk of a red landscape
the pitter-pow of bullets rings every now and then
A new president must rise and fix what you’ve done.

You don’t have the guts to auicide
It’s against your religious beliefs
Your tea is getting colder and your friends have all but gone

Your best friend does a favor for you

The White House was caught in a war
You stayed in a bunker, praying and crying while your friends and enemies ransacked the place
Destroyed it
Boom after constant boom shakes everything
You hold your sister’s hand (she’s come back so you wouldn’t be scared)
The light flickers here and then
dim-near-dark flicker in, bright-and-loud flicker out
Soon everything stops.
A handgun is pointed at the President’s head

“Game over. The tea is cold now.”
Your sister’s hand blocks her mouth and eyes widen as she hears your F-bomb

It’s a few seconds until your friend, still pointing a handgun at you, says “c’mon lets go already.”

Your lower lip quivers in a pout and you huff, “alright alright.”

Your sister dashes for the patio door faster than you and your friend can move. “FINALLY.”

Today was another fun day
You look back at the storm of fake guns, the world map, business clothes and snacks sprinkled on the ground
It feels you with satisfaction, so you sigh with relief
Today was another great day

(Crap I gotta clean this up, don’t I?)


Author Notes: Did you get the ending? 😀 I found this old story in my notes and had to finish it. There’s no way I’ll let this story remain unseen. The ending came to me when I thought “wouldn’t it be great if they were kids like in the Backyardigans and that other show?”

You were misled throughout this whole story ^.^

If you enjoyed this story please consider donating so I can write full time: https://ko-fi.com/A0478AC (pretty pleeeeeaaaase! ^.^ $3 makes a difference)


1 thought on “A Flash Fiction a Day #5: President Ficus and the Downward Spiral”

  1. Maybe people will start to see this lier for who he really is. Self absorbent, mentally ill, narcissistic, lier who is a traitor handing over our country to our worst enemy. Dump Trump has become an imperative.


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