Where is WordPress’s Anime Fandom?

As I lay here listening to Le Realè’s 1080p I wonder, “where is WordPress’s anime fandom?”

Experiencing the draining social media sites like Instagram and Tumblr has exposed me to fandoms (and their toxicity). I wonder, why doesn’t WordPress have an anime fandom? If it does, where is it?

I know people post in the anime tag but it seems tumblr gets more of the anime junkies. I know it’s probably because of how easy it is to blog there. It’s a micro-blogging platform. People are lazy. Tumblr’s quick-posting feels suitable anyway. It’s minimal and just…BARE.

One thing I don’t like about tumblr  (and Twitter) is how toxic it is and that the site keeps what you make unlike other sites. At least when you delete a post on Instagram it’s inaccessible to you and the general public.

I love WordPress because I have more freedom and it’s actually made for blogging. There’s no toxicity. Because of the aesthetic/atmosphere of its post editor, WordPress also forces you to churn out something quality rather than shitpost.

What I miss from tumblr is the community it had. Aka People that interact with you on your post. For whatever reason I don’t get comments from people wanting to interact with me or talk about my posts (I can’t wait for that day). I attribute that to WordPress’s unattractive comment box.

That’s why I like Instagram so much: interaction. Sadly I haven’t tried this with my OCs. Only in the anime community.

I’m just waiting for the day WordPress gets a proper anime community that is something besides reviews.

Will WordPress ever have this or will the dreaded social media take it and wear it like a crown?


Mood: disappointed

Music: 1080p by Le Realè


3 thoughts on “Where is WordPress’s Anime Fandom?”

      1. For sure. If you are interested in connecting with other anime bloggers, I host a monthly meet-and-greet event for us. The last one just finished but I’ll host one again this coming April. If you’re interested, you can check the past ones here:

        And then perhaps look through the participants and reach out to them. Most of us here are very nice, so don’t be shy.


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