World of Winx: That New Winx Club Show I Totally Forgot About

My old post about loving the new Winx Club still stands today. We won’t be getting the old charm back anytime soon but this new stuff is great! It’s not so bad.

I totally forgot that I can review stuff here and now that I can I am giving my first impressions of World of Winx. I loved what I saw. I really did. It’s different. The show could almost be a Winx version of Totally Spies (they are agents after all!).

I saw an episode of this show last year and forgot most of it but I’ll tell you what I love from what I remember:

• They’re SPIES!!!! How cool is that?! The writers have given them a nearly-permanent job to do now that life at Alfea is over (I think, or is this separate from the main Winx series? Am AU possibly?)

• They’re famous reality stars and (if I remember correctly) people know they’re magic fairies! I personally love this. They’re thrown into the spotlight and it complicates their life. I hope the writers explore this more.

• Some person is going around nabbing kids for their talent to sacrifice to a queen or something.

What I don’t like:

Snow White(is that the queen?) Tinkerbell’s design.

• The show’s atmosphere almost feels too gritty. It’s like W.I.T.C.H. but with darker environments. I’m talking about environments. Not the plot or anything.

• Voices. I probably have to watch again to confirm this.

• Give more depth to the characters!!

I am probably missing more things. *le siiiiiigh* I need to watch this show again and I think I will do that tonight after replying to some roleplay posts. World of Winx is a very promising start to something beautiful.


Mood: Hopeful

Music: 4Kids Winx Club theme (the tv version not that toned down CD version)

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