The Switch: Taking My Fiction to a Self Hosted Blog

HEY YOU Guuuuyyyyyyyyys! This month has been a load of emotions for me. Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC V JUST ended and I’m (as the little-little kids say it these days) shook. That anime is what I’ve been invested in for the past three years. The show and it’s characters helped me while I was away from TSODR.


Arc V taught me a LOT of things. It directed me to social sites like Instagram and Tumblr, sites I didn’t care for until I made friends and forged bonds on there. Arc V also taught me what to and what not to do concerning characters. It made me appreciate fruits and vegetables more.

It also fueled my dragon lust .n.

I’ll talk more about ARC V in its own Talking Sunday post like I did for Zexal. I’m going severely off-topic here.

I have decided to move my fiction to a self-hosted blog and put a halt on self publishing. Don’t worry I will still write and publish. The only change is that when I publish, I will only release ebook versions of stories from the site. That way it feels more organized to me. I’ll also be able to use ads to generate income too~! I can help my Ma! 😀

While I am on this writing endeavor I will be updating stories from Dragons and Cicadas (but not the book itself) and sharing them to the site. I probably should have done this when I began at 16 but…you know how kid’s are… *laughs*

Dragons and Cicadas will be updated one last time but this is no ordinary update. It will be renamed to a “book of first drafts” and should interest my fans. There’s no waaaay I’m editing all of that again and for what? For no one to read it?

I’m building my audience through blogging. The “book of first drafts” should interest them, I know it. They can see how far I’ve come in my writing.

One thing I like about the blog format is that there’s no restriction on how long or short something can be. I just want people to read and enjoy my stuff. Also buying the books to support me would be nice because we need the money.

I’ll still post Fiction here occasionally. Fan fiction, maybe.

You can find the site here: it’s under construction but you guys can see it’s development with me ^.^

Also Important news: Yuya Sakaki is my faceclaim k bye

Mood: hopeful (sad about Arc V but hopeful for VRAINS and certain about the happy future of my writing)


(Hey, if you’re a yugioh fan could you let me know? I want to know if there are any lurking on WordPress)


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